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good news....

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I just got my results from my biopsy and the doctor said it was clear (NED) I had a pet at the beginning of the month but my onc wanted a biopsy also.I still have the port in hopefully I will get that out soon. I have wanted it out ever since it caused a blood clot in my neck! With an earlier post I made about the swollen nodes in my lungs, and the invasive procedure they wanted to do, I did not do it. My onc and I agreed to watch it with scans for now. They are pretty sure it is sarcodisos. I just want to thank each and every one of you, for without all of you I would have been lost and if possible more scared. I found this site right after I was dx and alot of times I found the answers to my questions than from all of my doctors combined!I have a great team of doctors but sometimes,as they have never walked in our shoes, don't tell you what to expect until it happens.


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What wonderful news! I am so very, very happy for you. Congratulations.


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Hi Lisa,

This is wonderful news. I wish you continued healing and good scans. Lori

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Hi Lisa--

This is great news and I am so very happy for you! May you always get good news on your follow-ups. Thanks for sharing your good results with us!

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So happy for you! May you continue with "NED"!

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I am so very happy for you and wish that good news continues always....

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Lisa - wonderful news. May you always have NED!!

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