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Pet scan

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Joined: Apr 2010

I had a 6 month PET scan and the doctor called and said everything looks good. Nothing to be concerned about. It was a relief. I wish everyone the best and continue to pray for us all.

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Congrats! Glad everything is looking good!


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Joined: Aug 2010

Isn't that a great feeling? Congratulations on the good news.

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Glad to hear it, Dogsrule.
And I love the photo of your dog, too.

--Jim in Delaware

team stevens
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That Is So Awsome!!

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Nice to hear some good news!

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D Lewis
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Always good to hear good news!


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Pam M
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Great to hear "nothing to be concerned about". Think I'll celebrate with a bowl of sugar - I mean, cereal. Keep it up.

Kent Cass
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This will be the first of many "cleans", I hope. Very, very, happy for you.



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That is fantastic news, now to get on with life, what an awesome feeling xxxx

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Great news Dogs !!

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That is just sooo good. Cheers


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Great news, coagulations on the clean PET

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I love to hear great news !!!

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That is terrific news!

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DogsRule --- Bravo on your all clear & prayers that you stay that way.

Mikey's PET was clear too in Oct 09 so he is now a little past 4 yrs from original diagnosis in 06. Anybody know if he is supposed to have PET annually after he got a clear? Just asking, as he went to new head&neck specialist last Fri here in Chlt NC and doc did physical exam only ...... didn't order any blood work,x-rays, etc. Since Michael was coming in as brand new patient to him, I was suprised that he then proclaimed Michael "cancer free." We were all very elated! But I was also confused. Can Dr. really be sure just from look & touch? Have nagging doubt about "uninsured" stat influencing what tests are given. Is this the norm & I'm being paranoid? Hope I'm wrong & this is entirely normal. I let the dr know that Michael has jaw-back-leg pain etc and has heavy persistent cough. Doctor recommended we get him a primary care physician lined up and sent us on our way.

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Glenna M
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Fantastic news!!!

Stay well,

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Could be an insurance issue, or just differing MD opinions. I believe that mine plans on doing one a year for at least the first five years....but then I also never really asked specifically.


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Very happy for you


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