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Appointment tomorrow (for port)

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I Have an appointment tomorrow to set up a date to put my port in.

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I have a power port + it is a godsend; I have been on chemo for more than a year + I don't know what I would do without it. I have very difficult veins to access. Good luck tomorrow; I didn't find it a difficult procedure at all - just a little uncomfortable.

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I have my pre-op appointment tomorrow, and will get my third port placed Friday. I just had the second one out in June. I guess I should have waited till December, just in case, like my original plan... but I wanted to stop taking Coumadin, and they wouldn't let me off till I got the port out. Darn!

It is a simple procedure to get one in - not bad at all. And it makes chemo and labs so much easier. Before you start chemo, make sure to ask for a prescription for Emla cream (lidocaine). It really helps to use it before you get accessed - then you don't even feel it! Put on a liberal amount of the cream to the port area, and cover it with that Glad Press-n-Seal wrap to protect your clothes and keep it from being rubbed off, before you leave for your appointment. When you get there you'll be ready.

If you drive a lot, consider going for the right side. If you are a passenger more often, the left. It doesn't interfere much with other things. Good luck with the port placement - you'll be very happy to have it when you start chemo!

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i believe you will do great and heaing will be quick. i'll have you in my Prayers...just said an 'Our Father' for you.


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