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My dad went back for a treatment yesterday.. His CEA is now 9 (increased from 2 in march).. Even though his last CT showed some shrinking, they are thinking there are new tumors or growing tumors... I am at a loss of what to do.. I dont want this to bring my dads spirit down and him give up.. He must continue to fight.. He is doing really good right now... He goes for a PET on Tuesday and then they will say what is his next course then.. He has done chemo every other week since July of last year.. I just wonder if they switch up a med then that might help... Any thoughts.... Words of encouragement or advice.....

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I didn't do chemo so I can't speculate on what might or might not work.

But I do have words of encouragement for both you and your dad. The PET scan will help to define what is going on and help to determine what to do next.

While a rising CEA is not necessarily good, at least it is still low compared to a lot of folks here. From what I have heard here from others, dead cancer cells from chemo can cause the CEA to rise.

Here's hoping that there is no new growth and that things are still stable or improving.

Once you find out the results of the PET scan be sure to let us know. I am sure at that point others here will have some options for consideration.

Keep up the hope,

Marie who loves kitties

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I am trying to keep hope... He has done so good, I just am scared we are destined for bad news.. Where are the most common places for mets? He has them to his liver now...

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My Mom and I are fairly new to this site. I don't know all of the terms and right words. All I can say is that we will say an extra prayer tonight for you and your Dad. There are many people on this site who can offer great advice.
We will pray for you. Please keep your chin up and keep the faith.
Linda and Ellie

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If they find this med isn't working, the doctor may very well suggest something else. If not, you could always bring up the subject. I know you're so concerned about your dad. Please make sure you take care of yourself, too.


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