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sub-total colonostomy

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In February 2010, my 21 y/o son underwent a "sub-total" colonostomy, currently has a colonostomy bag on his side for body waste. I would like to connect with patients in similar circumstances specificaly I would like to hear from survivors who underwent further surgery so they can elimiante body waste the normal way, thank you, DADOF3, e-mail ; misterq48@yahoo.com

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First, I'd strongly suggest you delete your email address from
your post, and delete the text in the remaining double-posts.

As far as reversing the colostomy? Without knowing if it was
intended to be temporary or permanent, it's impossible to give

That aside - There are worse things to have, than an ostomy
of any type. If your son is about to undergo chemo treatments,
it would be easier on his rear-end to have the burning waste
go into a bag.

Life with an ostomy needn't be as "tragic" as you seem to think.
It's something that those of us that have one, learn to live with.
Sure, I wish I didn't have to have this thing hanging off my side,
but I also have to weigh my options and priorities.

You also should keep in mind, that with each operation comes
the possibility of more problems. Our digestive tract doesn't
like invasion of fingers and knives. There are things like adhesions,
and hernias that can be worse than you can imagine. And of
course, there is the possibility of ED and a host of other damages
that can happen with any abdominal surgery.

And (what, more?), there is a good possibility of being incontinent,
and instead of waste going into the pouch where it can be disposed
at will, he'll be running to the bathroom when he least expects, and
wearing Depends (like that NASA gal astronaut) to prevent soiling
his clothes.

The choice isn't easy, since we don't know if it was intended to be
permanent or not, or if it was a "loop" or "closed end" ostomy.

In any event, it should be your son's choice to make, and with his
physician or colorectal surgeon as guidance.

Best wishes to him, and you!


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Dear John: thank you for the information. when it comes to the medical condition that my son has, being informed and knowing ones options and being informed what to expect is essential, thank you for the information, very educational. DADOF3

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John gave you some very informative information and myself having a temporary ileostomy am now able to go to the bathroom the normal way. The surgeon would be able to let you know if the ostomy is reverseable or not. Good luck to your son.


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