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Would like get a hold of the spammer!

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I am mad that someone had the audacity to break into our house and litter it with trashy solicitations for watches, handbags, etc. If you haven't noticed, they pulled up old posts and added a sales pitch at the end.
I tried to flag each one and also notified the administrator. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon. I really hope no one in this person's family ever gets Ovarian Cancer and they need support. I can't imagine the insensitivity of this person.
Froggy is MAD!!!!!!!!!

If you can't find these when you read this, maybe they have been removed-'hope so.

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Froggy, I flagged one last week from some keibo person. :( I feel the same way you do!

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I felt the same way you did and also flagged all of their posts! I couldn't believe someone would have the nerve to do that and post on so many topics. Hope this is the end of them and they get the hint!!!

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