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right breast being tender and swollen

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I had an exam today and told my surgeon about my right breast being tender and swollen.
He suggested a mammogram, ultrasound and a needle biopsy.
My CT from April showed I was cancer free, free from colorectal.

Has anyone heard of Colorectal cancer spreading the breast? My right breast is larger and quite tender. It has been since I stopped FOLFOX back in Feb.

It has been a slow process since February.


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Nana b
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Not a normal spot for mets from CRC, but, I ended up with Stage II breast cancer, primary site, at the same time as Stage III rectal cancer...so, yes, you can get cancer more than once, different types.

I agree with the researchers who are focusing on the immune system. Once compromised (cancer does it, and other autoimmune diseases), it's much easier for cancer to establish a beachead.

I'm sending my warmest hugs, please keep us posted!

Hugs, Kathi

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Has your doctor recommended for a BRAC genetic test? Colon cancer and breast cancer are sometimes linked genetically by BRAC gene mutation. I was given a brochure on this and recommended for testing due to the fact I had colon cancer before age 50 and another immediate family member has male breast cancer. I haven't done it yet. Just trying to get through my first year post resection first. Just wondered if anyone had mentioned it to you.

Get your mammogram as soon as possible!

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Mine has been a bit sore too but not enlarged. I did have a RFA done on it a few weeks ago but I also play guitar and I think part of it is how I hold my axe. I sometimes lean over it and it digs into that area.

Nice guitar, looks like a LP. It ain't no Strat!
I have some photos of mine on my expressions page. I have a Epi LP Jr that looks similar to that one you are holding (plus 9 others...)
Do you think it could be partly the guitar? It does look like you are holding it more like a classical so who knows....

Hope you figure it out.

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Morning Phil. I know after 35 years of playing guitar, the only thing that affects is my back, shoulder and neck. I think this has something to do with my weight loss.

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Both test came back negative, ultra sound and Mammogram. Damn, the mamogram hurt. I will never tease my wife again about the mammogram.

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I am glad everything came back clean. Yes, we women do go through some uncomfortable procedures. I am glad you will be kinder to your wife re:mammograms.

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