general questions concerning port, length of chemo, etc.

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I had a port put in in Jan. of this year, and was wondering if they always stay black and blue? Also, it is hurting more when they insert the needle in it now, is this normal? How many times can it be used?
What constitutes a long term survivor? Please - Opinions on asking Dr. about length of time you suppossedly have, pro and con, I haven't asked but am wondering what they think, sometimes I think it would make me want to fight even harder so I could say "I told you that you were wrong." I'm very stubborn that way.
How long can a person continue receiving chemo. People are always asking me how many more treatments I have but I have never been told a date they were going to stop. I think if they say they are going to stop that is the end of any treatments I can receive (I'm non-curable, non-operable and no radiation, stage IV lung cancer.) I am trying desperately to hang onto my health insurance, so I really do not want to tell my place of employment
Does anybody have any suggestions for combatting exhaustion? That is the worse problem I am having now with chemo.
Can there be remission in stage IV lung cancer? Thanks, and God bless you all.