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Just came back from the oncologist - bad news

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I came back from the doc today who told me I had a 20 - 25 chance that that the xoloda he was putting me on would work and and that if it didn't work I would not live longer than a few weeks to a few months. Right now that is the end of my story. The only thing to do is to pray that the xeloda works and that a good trial will come up after that. If not, then I will not be around for very much longer. I am still not going to give up but things are looking pretty bleak. All I can say is pray hard. I am going to try alternative too. What the heck have I got to lose? I love you guys and if thereis a sudden change in my condition I will give my mother (angel on earth) my info so she can let you know.

Love you guys,
They are upping me only medication and I am starting on xeloda tomorrow so I am probably going to be feeling pretty bad and must concentrate on trying to heal but I will check in tomorrow and whenever I can.


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That diagnosis sucks and is one you'll enjoy beating. In june, I had a rare stomach infection with bleeding and had really lost a lot of blood. Slurred my words, couldn't work any logic, couldn't even put together a sentence. The doctor said if I hadn't come in that Friday, I would have more than likely been dead on Monday. It was the blood loss and my brain wasn't getting enough blood and oxygen. They gave me two pints of whole blood and that did the trick. Although I did lose 30 lbs in 11 days. So it can be done, even at the last possible moment. I am praying that will be your experience. Good luck to you. -- Mike

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I am so sorry about the news your Onc gave you, but your attitude is GREAT. I personally believe that a positive attitude is the best drug in this battle. I will pray the Xeloda will wonders for you and pray that you will recover quickly from your recent surgery-Melissa

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Our prayers are with you, and pray that the Xoloda will work for you. Keep fighting, and never give up! God bless, Cynthia

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I'm so sorry for the bad news, but your attitude is wonderful. Sometimes, I think that's part of the battle. Of course you're in my prayers, friend.

Love and Hugs,


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Someone has to be in the 20-25%, why the hell can't it be you?
Keep fighting Eric, I'm pulling for you.

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I too am really sorry to hear this, + hope the xeloda will work. You have a fantastic attitude; you need to catch a break with this. Thanks for letting us know what is going on. Take good care. I started a thread yesterday about foods that fight cancer. Some of them I wasn't aware of +/or didn't understand how they work. The article is in a Canadian Living magazine - I will send you one if you want.

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And so stinkin sorry to hear this news. I know you have the attitude to fight this crap all the way......I'm praying for you and your angel mother! I hope that's OK.

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Kerry S
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I am with what Phil said. Put your mind into the 25% and go for it.
You’re a damn good fighter.

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Dear Eric,

So very sorry that your doc was not more positive about your treatment, but as Phil said if there is a 20 - 25% chance of the xoloda working you could very well be in that group.
You definately have the positive attitude for it to be.

Why don't you go ahead and get your mom on here, even with her own id. It may be during your treatment you don't feel up to being on. And maybe we can offer some encouragement and care for her as well. You call her your angel on earth, but even angels need a little wind beneath their wings at times.

Praying that this next treatment works well enough to get you to a good trial.

You know we are all here for you and your Mom.

Marie who loves kitties

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i am so sorry Eric and will be praying hard for you!! Your attitude makes me speechless and if anyone can be in that 20% its YOU!!! stay strong we are all pulling for ya..


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I'm hoping that Xeloda will work for you. It did wonders for my friend who has been living with pancreatic cancer for 5 years now. They gave him about the same odds of it working, as they gave you. It worked well for over a year - shrunk his liver mets down to almost nothing, stabilized and shrunk some lung mets, but didn't touch the primary pancreatic tumor. It did start growing again - but not for more than a year. Nothing had worked that well for him before.

I'm praying that Xeloda is going to make a big difference for you.

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Eric, my Prayers are with you. I Pray your meds work. God Bless. Margaret

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Eric, Fight, fight, fight!! Eat well - veggies and fruits, drink lots of fluids and juice. Do everything you can to fight this. Stay strong and positive. We are pulling for you, honey.


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Sending you lots of prayers . Keep a smile on your face and go one day at a time.

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Straight to the point, Eric. That was a rough dr visit hearing that. I also hope that it holds the line for you and does work. Phil touched on it about percentages...somewhere somebody has to be on one side of the other and I hope you are on the 25 side of good.


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I can tell you from experience that Xeloda is one doggone potent pill. I took it for awhile myself.

Eric, I also want to tell you that I admire your courage and attitude and I want to tell you that we are in your corner and we all love you very much.Give your angel Mom our love too.

Peace and hope always,

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Eric, i will be prayig hard for you...

Fight for my love
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Hi my buddy,your news sank my heart.You are in my prayers as always.I will pray harder for you,hope you will beat the odds.Best wishes and best luck to you with Xeloda.Take care.

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Great attitude, Eric. I have been thinking of you everyday and I sincerely hope that xeloda works wonders for you. This Sucks! Keep your positive spin on things and I'll pray the alternative choices you make, along with the xeloda, does the trick!

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I am so very sorry for the news you received. You have faced this disease head on without blinders on and I have no doubt you will continue to do so. You asked us to say a few prayers for you and consider it done.

Take care Eric - Tina and George

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Eric - You've been through a lot and you're due for a break. I'm picturing your squarely in the group that xeloda works for. Juice up some kale and cabbage. Cancer hates the stuff. Even if it doesn't help, it so swampy it'll momentarily take your mind off the chemo side effects.
Many sparks - Roger

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Hi Eric,
My Mom and I are new to this site. Just want you to know we have you in our thoughts and prayers. We will be praying very hard for you.
Linda and Ellie

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I sure hope the xeloda works. If it doesn't, I would like to say that you have inspired me in my fight and I am glad I was able to share our experience. You have an excellent attitude and deserve the best possible response. I know there is nothing that can be said to assuage your mind. But, I believe you have and will continue to face these obstacles with a sound mind and strong heart. This has been your burden and you have carried it as well as any. If you need anything, if I have the ability, I will do my best to help. Peace.

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I hate bad news like that.I will be praying for you,just don't give up ,and give that cancer hell.Good luck with the xeloda,it worked good for me.I hate cancer.You put your mind to it,and beat the cancer.

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Sorry about the bad news but Xeloda works wonders and really not that bad on the side effects. HOpe to hear from you again soon with the good news that it is working.Laura

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Oh, Eric.

I've told you before that you are just very special to me. I can't even really tell you why exactly, but I just cared for you immediately. I am praying that you will get a great miracle, because you certainly deserve it. We all love you!


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Kenny H.
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Man I admire your courage. You can do it & Xeloda is some powerful stuff. Keep nutrition up to. Talk at you later.

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Just don't know what to say. You were always there when we were starting chemo and saying "get this chemo party started" and you were such an inspiration to me. There were nights that you would write a post and still being up there was my post answering you. You are in my thoughts and prayers for this journey ahead. You are very much loved by me and all of us on this board and you have such a great attitude with all you have been through. Hoping that this new treatment will get you through this next hurdle for you which it very well could with your great attitude.

Hugs! Kim

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Sending you a PM

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That's news no one wants to hear but that zeloda is good stuff and I agree with the others that there is no reason at all you can't be in the 20-25% group! You are quite a fighter and such a dear member of this board. Everyone of us love you, Eric and will be sending prayers and positive vibes. And there are trials, too.

I agree if your Mom wants to join it would be wonderful to have another angel. I am sending you my best wishes to you and your Mom tonight. I know you both are really, really down but try to stay the positive fighter you have been!

Hugs and Healing,

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Holding you in the Light, as always, for healing, hope, and strength. I sure do hope the Xeloda works.
love and hope to you.

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Such a positive attitude and strength you posses, you are an inspiration. Totally bad news but you are handling it with dignity and grace. I will be praying extra hard for you to be in the 25% that the Xeloda works for. If anybody deserves to have it work it's you. Stay positive and let us know if we can do anything for you.


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I'm so sorry that your doctor visit produced bad news. I hope the Xeloda works for you and that you have many more days to share with us and with all the those you love and cherish. You are brave and courageous and an inspiration.


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I am so sorry. I want to beg you to keep-keeping on. My brother tells me to just keep on living, no other option. I know you have a great attitude and the best support possible so I will pray that the meds work, that miricles will happen, that you will find a good trial, but you need to keep living buddy, cause we need you here-heaven can wait a while.
We will be sending you all the prayers, good thoughts, vibes etc that can be possibly sent.
We all love you!!!

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Oh, Eric -- I'm so sorry you had this lousy news/meeting. But I'm glad that there is a plan -- and a decent chance of success. And as you say -- hopefully there will be a new trial or drug popping up soon (I'm trying to stay one step ahead of the game myself!). I can't remember if you have been on Xeloda before. I'm on it now (in a cocktail) and have been on it before both in combo with other drugs and on its own -- as maintainence chemo. It ain't bad. In the meantime, prayer and some 'alternative' approaches/management both seem like great ideas. I will certainly be sending my prayers and best wishes your way.


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HI Eric,

I'm sorry you've been told this- I HATE it when I hear doctors saying things like that to their patients- talk about a punch in the guts! Anyhow, have you already talked to your doctor about taking more than just the Xeloda?

I am currently taking Xeloda, Avastin, and Gemzar (gemcitabine). Gemzar is FDA approved for non small cell lung cancer, a type of kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, and some metatastic breast cancers. It isn't FDA approved for colon cancer, but there was a clinical trial at USC run under Dr. Lenz with Xeloda and Gemzar used with stage IV colon cancer patients & the results came pretty good. Dr. Lenz at USC in Los Angeles (whom I consulted with), Dr. Fanta at UCSD in San Diego(whom I also consulted with) both advised my regular oncologist that I really needed to take Gemzar with Xeloda (since I didn't qualify for any clinical trial that I could find). We proposed it to the insurance and they denied it twice. I started on it as a cash basis, but then proposed another submission to the California Dept. of Managed Care & insurance came back and approved it. Sooo... I'm thinking that my insurance approving this after all set a precedent for other insurance companies. I would be happy to even help you find some information to give to your doctor, if that would help. Please let me know- Xeloda very well may help you, but if your onc is saying it has only a 20-25% chance of helping, then why doesn't he find an additional med to give to you with it??!!
No giving up here!!!!

Let me know if I can help or give you any more info. I still have the info from Dr. Lenz about it.

Chin up- you're gonna still fight this!


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You can beat them. I continue to be inspired by your fight, any of us would be lucky to have 20-25% of that. I will keep you in my prayers.

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it's kinda crazy but them odds you were recently given are higher then at any stage of my experience through this journey. i'm always told were lucky to be where we are and it's just a miracle you survived your initial prognosis and now we find ourselves here dealing with possible last chance treatments and one thing we know is we know nothing. you just never know Eric what will happen. i too recently/currently have been dealing with last option for treatment and this last round has been given to me during a very rough time dealing with all these side effects not only from the medications but the damage being caused by the cancer itself. it seems if this current treatment doesn't work there's just not much out there after they can do with the exception of maybe something surgically just to help with quality of life issues. well, all that being said the 5FU i'm currently on appears to be working somewhat. my vomiting is slowing down and my eating is beginning to make some gains. after loosing over 10lbs this last 10 days and dealing with substantial pain and agony since July 1 i'm beginning to make some progress. the pain is diminishing, i am being careful for what i choose to eat but i am eating on occassion and drinking protein shakes. well, it's quite surprising but after all was said and done i'm still here and writing you which i also couldn't of done a couple weeks ago. so, there's still a chance and knowing you as we do your not going to give up but give it your best shot and maybe in a couple weeks we can write eachother on how well were feeling. DEAL?? i hope so...take good care Eric

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I am sorry you received this news from your onc. On the other hand, you have fought this hard that you have to believe this can be beat! Do not give up hope. I do not know what to say other than I am praying hard for you. You have been an inspiration to me when I first came on this board and I only hope I have given some of that back to you.

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Nana b
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We want you here Eric and Donna is saying, "FIGHT." Do everything and whatever it takes!!!!

I am praying for you Eric!!!

This really sucks!!! Please do a healthy diet and juice if you can. I am not saying that it will be a miracle and work for you, but I have read that diet helps people on their last leg. TRY it!!

Let me know if I can help in any way.

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to replace the ones giving you trouble...

I am wrapping my arms around you, strong and warm....

Hugs, Kathi

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You ARE the 25%
Screw the news, Eric, no way have you clawed your way this far for nothing

We are WITH you



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Eric, keep fighting, Xeloda worked for me, and has for many others. Like Lisa I am not sure why they are not using something along side of the Xeloda, but I do know I used Xeloda alone for almost 8 months at the maximum strength and it worked for me. How much are you taking? I will be praying for you my friend, dont give up....


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I m so sorry to hear this news. I just hate this cancer!. As has been said already someone has to be that 20-25% group so why not you? Miracles do happen

I am sending prayers that the Xeloda works for you..



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l have good vibes!
Remember you are made in iron!

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I will be holding you in prayer. I hope to hear good news about the xoloda in the near future.


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Sent you a pm

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i hope it works and i will pray for that


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You have a very strong combination going for you: Xeloda and your powerful determination to beat your disease.

Best wishes to you for healing.



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