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Checking In

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Jan Trinks
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Hi all:

Basketcase here. I just returned home from a long Labor Day weekend with my best friend and her family on the lake. It was good. It's just so hard to adjust not hearing my phone ring and Charlie calling me to check in with me or just to talk. I am doing pretty good about trying to go on with things as Charlie would want me to do that. We had talked about this. I had told him that if anything happened, I would feel that my life was over, not that I wouldn't deal with it (as if I have choice of dealing with it!), but I just loved him so much and we were so connected to one another. My welcoming committee (Rowdy, Blue and Sammy, the three dogs) were certainly glad to see me back. I'm going with my best friend and her husband on the 16th to Hilton Head and will be back on the 21st and am really looking forward to that. My cousin in KY who lost his wife to gastro-esophogeal cancer in April 2008 is wanting to come down and spend a few days with me (he really had a rough time when he lost his wife) and he wants me to come see him and his brother soon. He is so good and we are very close. He's been checking in with me about 1/week. Sorry to unload this on y'all; but y'all are so very special to me and if there's anybody out there that I can be of some comfort to, please don't hesitate to post and ask me. I don't mind sharing my experience with y'all. I still believe in miracles and as Jimmy V says, "Don't ever give up!" Thanks again. Love to all and God Bless!


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Great to hear from you Jan....

So glad that you have friends, family and the dogs in helping to comfort you and keep you busy. Charlie is with you and always will be a part of you. I know he's very proud of you and your strength an courage.

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and to keep posting of your ventures.

God Bless,

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I don't think I could say any better than John. God bless you and keep you.


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You are still in my thoughts. I am so glad that you are keeping busy. I know that your dogs are a great comfort. My cats are mine. I have three beautiful kitties that listened to my worries and fears many nights.

If you every need to talk just send me a private message. I work at night by my self and I am more then glad to talk.


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I am glad to hear from you and know you are doing well, glad to see you are active in keeping busy. There is a hope that all Christian share and that is one day we will see our loved ones again in a place where there is no sickness, no pain, no Cancer, and no death.

Take care and God bless and be with you.

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It sounds like you're on the right track. I don't envy you your journey -- I can't imagine life without my loving wife -- but I'm sure you'll come through this.
I'm glad you have three dogs, too. Dogs are good for you (and I've been too long without one). Give them a hug for me.
You're in my prayers.

--Jim in Delaware

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Glenna M
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I'm glad you have so many friends and family that are helping you through this painful time. As Jim said...the dogs are good for you also, they are such loving companions. Please don't forget that you have a large family here and we will always be there for you.

You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

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I am so happy to hear you are doing okay! It is wonderfull that you are traveling with close friend's & have plans to keep busy visiting other places & enjoying life. All of us here are so proud of you & I am so happy that you keep in touch with us. I don't know but can apprecaite what you are going through but would love to keep in touch. If you ever wish to chat please message me. I have alot of free time & sometimes it is great to have someone else to chat to when time is long. Remember we are all here for you whenever!
Love & Hugg's

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Pam M
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You are not unloading at all. As you can see, we're happy to hear from you. It's good to hear you are keeping yourself busy and aren't barricading yourself in the house and giving up on life. Of course you have a lot to feel sorry for yourself for - glad you're not wallowing in it. Enjoy your time visiting with family and friends. And give those dogs a squeeze for me, too. Do well.

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Glad to see you are doing well and keeping busy. You're a big part of our family! Keep posting.

Positive thoughts!

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