Gauze Packing For An Open Wound

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My husband, Bob, just spent 5 days in the hospital again last week due to a leg infection. He is stage 3c.

Since his surgery on July 22nd to take out the melanoma tumor and all surrounding lymph nodes (18 that tested negated), the drain tube for lymphatic fluid in his leg was moved and replaced 3 times. His doctor tried to let Bob’s lymphatic system dry up on it’s own but it was not cooperating and infection set in finally. Since the lymphatic fluid did not slow down and infection was now happening more surgery was decided to end the problem thus sending Bob home 5 days later with an “open wound”.

His doctor says "Open Wound Care" has been around since the Civil War. I would like to hear about your experience if you had this and who took care of you at home? How long did it take to heal?

Thank you.


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    Open wound care
    I had an open wound on my leg. Mine was from a severe dog bite (long story that doesn't matter here) but wound was large and very deep. It remained open for flushing,until new flesh started to grow. Seems to me it was about 2 weeks to begin to fill-in. It seems standard procedure. I was lucky, I had a plastic surgeon on call at the ER. I am left with only a minor discoloration, which is barely noticeable.

    A girlfriend came over and tended my some of the time and some of the time my husband tended the wound.
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    Open Wound
    I also had an open wound in the leg. Mine was actually from a car accident but kinda the same thing. I was told it couldn't be stitched as it needed to heal from the inside out. It seemed like it took for ever but it wasn't. I believe about 3 weeks of flushing and cleaning twice a day. I was pregnant at the time so I was lucky to have a brother come over and clean and flush for me.
    My husband sort of had the same problem from his wide excision for removal of melanoma. His area got infected 11 days post op. He ended up with blood clots and infection so they opened it up so we could clean it twice a day (again thank goodness for my brother). His also needed to be packed with gauze each time. He seemed to heal pretty fast. After a week he was back at work with a bandage to protect it. I believe it was the next week that I realized it had closed up.
    Good luck to you. Hopefully it will be healed before you know it.. :)