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Hi, I just joined hope I am doing this correctly

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Sara Zipora
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Hi, July 15 th 2010 diagnosed Stage Iv B endometrial clear Utreine Carcinoma.
Total hysterectomy,oopherectomy and everything else north,east,west and south.
No symptoms preceding this except two weeks or so of Mild to moderate constipation. In retrospect turns out I have stenosis of cervix and nothing dripped, I.e. Blood, until cancer invaded whole uterus thru wall and into cells in pelvis and stomach.
CT show organs ok but microscopic cancer likely to be all over the place.
Started Chemo three weeks ago, Wed Taxol, Thurs carboplatin
Week later taxol
Week later , today taxol
Next week taxol and carboplatin again.

Also have glaucoma and today they reduced steroids with taxol to drop extremely high-40- pressure in eye, normal 15-20. Now have backache which they said I might get.
Still on percoset 3-4 hours post surgery, doc say is deep healing pain.

Anyone know about this, what next.
I'm very new and very deep in, very fast.

Sara Zipora

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Cecile Louise
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We're glad you're here, although not glad for the reason you've found us. However, you will find a community of Sister-Warriors here who already care about you and your situation. Please don't ever hesitate to ask questions, rant, cry, or ask for anything you may need at the moment. I don't have much in the way of information about what you're going through, with the glaucoma and all, but there are many, many people here who have done extensive research and who have shared their knowledge & information on this board. You might try the Search function at the top of the page to find posts that will be helpful. I had the same surgery (my GP called it "removing all of my downstairs equipment, hah) and did 6 rounds of carbo/taxol. I had a relatively easy time with the chemo, but the constipation I experienced post surgery was a real pain, literally. Some bowel problems can be caused by pain meds as well; I learned to take stool softeners regularly and that helped a lot. Once you start losing your hair, you might get little sores on your scalp; I found it soothing to put a dab of antibiotic ointment on them. You may experience joint pain or neuropathy with the chemo, maybe some nausea - be sure to let your oncologist know if you do.
Please let us know how you are doing.


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Sara Zipora
Posts: 231
Joined: Sep 2010

Thanks for answering My call in the dark. Question, haven't taken a bath, shower every day some hot days 2x, is a bath a problem post surgery, not sure about sex either, no one talked to us. Oh, I'm 65 next week my husband's 71.

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Sorry to hear your diagnosis. Glad your organs are okay. Your treatment plan is a little different than most of us had with your weekly doses of taxol. Some of the newer people have been getting the weekly taxol though. Hope you are doing okay with your treatments. Have you lost your hair yet? I lost mine 12 days after my first chemo treatment. With your weekly doses it may take a little longer.

You asked about a bath. Did they tell you how long to wait before a bath. I would think it is long enough now, but you can call the nurse and she will be able to tell you.

You asked about sex. Did your doctor tell you how long you needed to have "pelvic rest." Mine initially said for 6 weeks and then extended it longer when he did an internal exam. Pelvic rest is their way of saying "no sex".

Feel free to ask any questions you may have. The American Cancer Society is a great resource if your hospital or cancer center did not give you much information. Good luck with everything. In Peace and caring.

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I was diagnosed with uterine cancer, clear cell carcinoma, grade 2 stage 4. When they did hestercotomy found cancer in my appendix , took that too. I had several cells floating in stomach area, as surgeon said light dusting all over. I started on taxol, carpo about a month after surgery. I did six treatments 3 weeks apart. Lost my hair almost right after first treatment. I am now done chemo as of june 2nd. I have had ct scans, pet scans and found a hot spot on pet scan. It was in my colon. Had a colonoscopy done and found two polops, one was verge of becoming colon cancer, took it out and hopefully no more. I do understand more now than before. Bless you and be strong.

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