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cancer treatment centers of america

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anyone have experience with these hospitals

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My husband's good friend's wife is on management side of the hospital. From what I've heard their employees are VERY well taken care of with free meals, special parking, great salaries,etc. Now on the patient side I've heard much of the same-----remember I'm hearing from the eyes and ears of an employee.

The special services -- chemo in individual rooms, special rooms for family members to stay and free assistance to special classes -- aerobics, nutritionists, and acupunturists -- are all included in prices. They do not allow non-insured patients.

Hope this helps.... as I do with everything in life, ask around for others who've used their services....just because they offer many great benefits, doesn't mean they're tops in their field.


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Go to the Head and Neck board on this site.....There is a thread called: Cancer Treatment Center of America--BEWARE. It is on the SECOND page under Head and Neck and about the 4th or 5th from the bottom, was initiated by "newbride" on November 13, 2009. There are quite a few responses which might be helpful.


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I asked this question on behalf of my husband's Aunt who recently had a Cancer reoccurence in the Pancreas after beating Breast Cancer 10 years ago....

When doing the research, lots of you sent me links and opinions.

From all the reading I did it seems like some have GREAT experiences and other NOT SO GREAT...not sure if the folks "in the middle" just don't bother to post or what.

It seems like it offers a "Concierge type" of service with patient handling, treatment, etc.
which sounds wonderful...However it all kinds at some sort of price. I think if you don't have great treatment options in your geographical area, it may be worth considering. However as we live a short distance from Boston, we have access to great doctors/hospitals and Cancer Centers.

Since she has a great support of family and friends here (which would not be available to her if she traveled to Pennsylvania, which would be the closest one), I suggested she really think of all they could offer....vs what she has here.

So far she is getting treated here and seems settled.


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I talked to people there, and was cut off when I said I was on medicade, they would not say any more other than , we only take CERTAIN insurance compamies, I am taking a wild guess only the HIGH end insurance companies and drain them dry and then kick you out when the well runs dry. sorry to say, they have all these wonderful things like concierge type services , but I am guessing that is adding to your insurance bill as a whole and draining it faster, just my humble opinion.
I know they take you in for testing to "see" if they can help you, and just guessing at this one, take the easiest cancers and deny others. so they can get the high recovery rates. talked to my oncologist about them and she rolled her eyes and said yea they are not taking very serious or end stage cancers.
she is a teacher at U of michigan,

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My partner of 8 years was diagnosed 3 years agao at age 42 with stage 3C uterine cancer. After they said everythiing they could do was done I wanted to make sure nothing else could be done to keep this beast from returing. Knowing full well that IF it does there is no cure only treatment. We had a great doctor. Claire had surgery, light chemo to help with the intense raditaion, the tumor srunk from the size of your fist to the size of your thumbnail. Then 6 months of tough chemo treatment. I feel like at the age of 41 I know more about cancer then anyone should!

Anyway.. when we were told we were done we decided to go to Oklahoma Cancer Treatment center to get another opinion. They did all of the same tests, and told us all the could be done was. I will say this.. I talked to a lot of cancer patients when we were there. It is a VERY nice environment and you always get results right away WITH NONE OF THE DREADED WAITING. The surounding are nice and you are treated great. BUT, most of is is NOT covered by insurance so it is expensive. In hind sight we would not do it again. BUT, we also had wonderful doctors here in Kansas City. Her name is Dr. Barbra Shoup and I would suggest her to anyone!

Claire has her post 2 year treatment CAT this October 4th and 3 years since her initial diagnosis. We have no reason to believe it has returned. Her CA125 that was elevated when she was first diagnosed was great a month ago when she got her exam. However, the doctor said this would only be elevated IF the cancer returned to the adominal area. This was new to me. It would not tell us anything about the lungs that it is most common this cancer spreads to.

So, our we out of the woods yet? NO... But, Dr. Shoup also told us that most recurrance occur witin the first 2 years AFTER the last treatment. So, I am holding onto that hope!

If you are going though this please write. If I can't help I KNOW Claire would be happy to. My e mail is teach4kdz@aol.com. I know it was terrible in the beginning. I searched for ANY positive stories about stage 3C uterine cancer and felt horrible when I found very little. BUT, Claire is here! Maybe a bit beat up from all the chemo and radiatin BUT here! Maybe that is ALL I need to know for now! God bless!

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