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cancer treatment centers of america

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anyone have experience with these hospitals

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I don't. When I was first diagonosed I had some how thought I was entering info for a support group and before I knew it I was getting phone calls from Cancer Treatment Centers. It sounded more like a sales pitch with a lot of emphathy if that makes any sense. All I know of them is from their commercials. Not sure if you are asking about them for Anal Cancer treatment. If so, I suggest that you look into some place that has experience and a reputation for treating Anal Cancer since it is so rare. I know Cancer Centers advertises about how caring they are. That matters, I know, but I'd rather have a top notch doctor than a compassionate one. I'd prefer both of course, but if I had to choose....

I was treated at MD Anderson in Houston. A city within a city. But I felt like I got great care and my doctors were very good. Other places that I've heard of that have doctors that have treate4d Anal Cancer, Dana Farber, Cleveland Clinic, Sloan Kettering, UCLA.


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I have had no personal experience with CTCA, but am leery of any place that advertises on TV like they do. I may be someone who sees the dark side, but I would guess their main focus is on making money--the bottom line. I do know of a person who was on another forum who got her treatment at a CTCA facility in the Chicago area. She went through hell, was told her cancer was gone, only to find it had metastasized, and finally had to have APR and permanent colostomy, then died. I'm not saying that she didn't receive the best care she could have, I'm just relaying this particular person's story. I think the most important thing is to get under the care of doctors who have experience in treating anal cancer and go wherever you must to get that care! My best wishes to you.

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Dsng Martha, i just saw that ad on tv yesterday and wondered about it. I tend to agree with you...I would prefer to be somewhere that I know knows what they are doing and being treated to the best of their knowledge. At least I will know I have a fighting chance. That poor gal you spoke of.

Hope that this is finding you doing well - waiting to hear about jury duty (hoping they tell you not to show up!) Be well, Marilyne

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CTCA was the first place my husband and I called when I was told I had cancer. Once I mentioned my insurance, they rejected me because I have an HMO and not a PPO. And, like Martha said, I'd be leary of some place advertising like they do...money hungry hounds! I have heard great things about MD Anderson, but unfortunately they are too far from me and I'm sure my insurance would not pay for treatments there. The facility I'm using now has seemed to be on top of my cancer, treatments, and overall health, so I'm happy with them at this moment.

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