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the new psa 0.01 again yahoo

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Joined: Jan 2010

Just got the 9 month psa 0.01 again thank heavens for that .all in all things really improving in all areas still dribble a bit when I sneeze or cough but all in all dry Ed issues not to bad half normal erections without the pills somtimes better almost 2/3rds enough to keep me and the wife happy still use the odd ciala they help for several weeks . I am greatfull to my surgeon he got it right . best wishes for you all life is good thanks for the great support

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Joined: Jun 2010

If your doctor is like mine, you'll have one more three-month PSA then graduate to 6-months PSAs. Here's hoping all stays good for you!

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Congratulations! I go in for my 1-year (6 months since last PSA) checkup next week. John in Seattle

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Joined: Mar 2010

Congrats Shane!

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Glad to hear your good news Shane. Welcome to the Zero Club. My last PSA in June was
<0.008. I had my last 3 month check up this Monday and hoping PSA still good. Uro has set my next check up in 6 months so guess that is a milestone. Yes life is good and we have such a great support group here on this site.
P.S. Your penis poem was a hoot...really enjoyed it.


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