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suddenly quite tired and sleeping a lot

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I wonder if I should worry about the past few days. I came home from work on Friday and at 5:00 I slept, with just one interruption--until 11AM the next day! Then Saturday after awaking at 11, I took a 2 hour nap at 3:00. Called it an early night and was sound asleep by 10. Today, more of the same. My mood seems fine. Has anyone ever had a very sleepy few days? Honestly, I am looking forward to being able to go back to bed. This is very unlike me.

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where it feels like I am moving in mud...just want to sleep and rest. And that's what I do. Are you in active treatment? How long have you been on Arimidex? From the sounds of your post, you are moving forward in life, but have you had a stressful incident happen at work? Stress can pull the air out of you, too. Are you recovering from an illness, perhaps? I mean, other than cancer.

I hope you find an answer to this. If it continues, maybe a call to your doctor would be in order? Here's hoping you just need to slow down and take care of YOU.


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You are on target about a few things!! I have had 3 stressful weeks at work and a headache and neckache for 2 of those weeks. Physically I feel much better now.
So hopefully my exhaustion is just a "let-down" effect and maybe just rejuvenating so I can continue with work, and life. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Yes, I have had days like that. I found if I am stressed or have just over did it. I found my body is not working the way it did before chemo and Rads.

Mama G
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for the past 5 weeks I've been dragging. Back to work, lots of stress there! Plus the numbness is not improving at all, so I'm getting depressed about it. Tiredness seems to go along with all of the above.

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I think we all tend to expect too much of ourselves as survivors. We begin to feel normal, so we think we should immediately be back to our precancer selves. Remember that your body was assaulted by a condition that can kill, then you were given poison in order to kill that. On top of that you may have had surgery, so your body has to adjust to losing a major part of itself while it is fighting a deadly enemy and poison. Then we have the emotional roller coaster of fear, hope, guilt, anger, etc.etc. In addition to this we have to continue to pursue life in general (family, job, laundry, housework, paying bills, keeping the car running....) Seems to me there is sufficient cause to be tired! I think a daily "down time" of 20-30 mins plus a weekly "nap day" might help. I haven't ever tried it, but it seems like a good idea. I did take naps after work several days a week when I was on chemo.

Hope this helps, seof

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That is exactly what I did....I try to be the person I was precancer. But it isn't working. I think I have worked myself into a state of exhaustion which includes that emotional roller coaster. Definitely my weekends are too busy. Groceries with him, cook
breakfasts and dinners, and of course I am the one who cleans up. Lunch or shopping in between with my daughter or girlfriends. A few weekend getaways to see friends--because I am "normal." And clean the house.
I think with everyone's input and my own observation.....I must slow down and realize it is what it is. I am older and trying to fight the cells that changed my life. I need to stay rested, and as healthy as possible. And not feel ashamed that I am not that former person. I think I do.
Thanks to all, :)

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I am going thru the same thing. some days i am so tired, i feel so numb and just want to sleep. I used to be so active, it makes me feel so bad, people expect so much from me and i just want to sleep

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When you say that people expect so much from me.....I can really relate to that thought.
BUT, the best thing to do is try to prioritize taking care of yourself first, which I know is very difficult. Sleep when your body tells you...my prayers are with you.

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I've been like that since treatment started and its over now for a year. My CBC is very low and I'm on folic acid. I see the oncologist once a week for some kind of shot (begins with an "a"). She told me the reason I'm tired is that my kidneys are not producing some hormone, and until the blood count comes up to a reasonable level (it hovers between 28 and 32) I have to come for the shots - that's what makes me tired. But then I get insomnia at night, so where does it end????? LOL


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that is interesting about the kidneys and a hormone. I think I will call and ask if any of my bloodwork from July was borderline abnormal. Hope you start to sleep more easily.

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Lizzie, I know how you feel. Once school let out in June I slept about 12 to 13 hours every day for about 6 weeks. And even with all the sleep I was still tired. My onc did blood work and nothing showed up. I was worried that my body was fighting a recurrence.

I think that our bodies have been through the wringer with treatment and every once in a while we just get run down. Hang in there. I would inform your doc and see what he says and just try to keep yourself well nourished and rested. Hopefully it will pass. Keep us posted. Eil

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