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stage IV breast ca, and need support....

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i have stage IV breast cancer and am praying there are others out there with a similar diagnosis to connect with. any help is appreciated!

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hey there jmarie...soooo sorry you had a need to find this board but we'll all here because of what cancer has done....mentally and physically. I have stage 2 breast cancer...dx in oct of last year...unilateral mastectomy 12/2009 with immediate diep reconstruction....mostly the breast cancer board should be helpful to you but feel free to friend me on here and send me a private message if i can help you in anyway on this journey...i'm no Jesus freak but i know without prayer and God giving me strength this would have been much harder...so i say pray and ask God for strength. take care of you and ask your friends and family for support....you need them now....wendy

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I too am sorry this is how you find us but glad you found a place where we actually totally understand...
I am sorry for your diagnosis but know that many people survive stage four cancer of many kinds when all the odds are against them. I too have learned not to listen to the odds because we do and can survive some incredible things. I am stage 3 11 out of 21 positive lymph nodes after two lumps grew one growing in a week to size of golf ball. My survival was less than 50% and since then have learned a whole lot more about my diagnosis. I seriously just believe I am a miracle. Many are...
SUPPORT of friends family and those who love and care about you make the difference in our lives. They know now this can be a very driving force in our survival. I am very fortunate and have friends from my childhood and an amazing partner who has stuck it out as well as the best parents possible who brought me thus far and gave me the ability and strength to move forward though it hasn't been easy and still is not.
I am facing more lumps and wish I saw something different with the medical community though it is very much the same as I had to fight with 14 years ago knowing I had cancer in my soul, no one had to tell me I had to get them to see something other than the fibrous cyst they all were stuck on as my health failed me.
I hope you too can find the strength to get up and move on no matter what because that is truly as simple as it gets some days, just getting out of bed and meeting the day is an amazing thing.
I am saying WOW allot in this 50th year of mine and not always for the great things goin on.

Be Good To Yourself as you move on from here,

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