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should she do chemo or no

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Hi my mom is 56 she got breast cancer we removed her breast then she was on chemo and radiations then after 2 years we discovered she got bone cancer all over her body and recently we found liver cancer we don't know what to do should we give her chemo or we just have to leave her to die in peace she doesn't have any symptons yet also she doesn't know that she got cancer please if anyone knows what should I doo answer me

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what is her prognosis

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she was a 2nd degree breast canser and now she got secondary bone cancer and tumers in both loaps of the liver i dont know the medical way to say it but thats what the doctor told me, im soo confused i dont trust doctors anymore, some told us we just have to leave her to die in peace some told us that we have to give her chemo, she is now on zometa from 5 month and xelodia from 4 days but we will just try it for a month and a half but i see her soo weak since she took it i want all that to stop.
thanks sara for answering me

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Tina Blondek
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Hello Roo29 and welcome to you and your mom. I would suggest that you try the chemo. There is a chance it could work. These are the chances we have to take. You do not want to suffer from the "what ifs" syndrome! If halfway through the treatment she is not doing well, you can than decide to stop it. I was a caregiver for my dad he was dx with esophagus cancer first and then it went to his liver. He beat the ec, but not the liver cancer. I am glad we did try the chemo treatment for the liver cancer, if not we would be regretting it. Try it, it may work!
Keep in touch, we are always here for you.

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I also have breast cancer that spread to my bones and now to my liver. I have a very large tumor in my liver, i am only 2 years younger than your mom. I am on Chemo right now, have been for 4 months. This is not a death sentence so i am not sure why someone told you to let her die, that is chilling. I am trying everything to stay alive. There are so many treatments, even alternative, that she can benefit from. Please stay positive and go with the chemo treatment. Let me know how she is

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