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loosing weigh , need your experience about!

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After my second round of chemo l realize lm loosing weight , not dramatically but it worries me. Last year When l was on Folfox, I didn't
loos any kilo, but gain weight ! What really worries me is that I'm not having diarrhea or vomits , l eat very well and despite that l lost 2 kilos after 2 rounds.Does it have any explanation ?
All your experiences will be appreciated .
best to all of you

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It wouldn't hurt to have them check your thyroid function. If you are eating fine, but still losing weight that is one possible cause.

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(when I could)while undergoing treatment to try not to lose any more weight than I already had. At my lowest, I was about 130 pounds;started at 178; now I'm 177!!! Working out again for strength, not muscle. Maybe the foods you are eating are not calorie-rich.My concern was to keep weight on, even if it came from fat. I also supplemented with several cans a day of nutrition drinks, like Boost Plus, Ensure Plus (the plus gives an extra 100 calories for same volume of liquid)......steve

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now 133 not very much in loose in 20 days isn't but many nervous !
l eat all l can while in chemo actually everything l feel like!
Every nitgth a complex of resource hiper-protein (300) kcal .Before sleep.
Today's meu example :
Brekfast :6 toasts small, with butter and strawberry jam. Big glass of almonds milk.
mid day : small aperitif ,nuts and olives.
lunch: Tomato cold cream ,and a big dish of pasta.,ice cream.
afternoon: 1 muffin ,glas of milk.
nigth: filet with some vegetables.
before go to bed: resource hiperproteic 300kcal .
does it sounds reasonably ?

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to me Pepe. I lost taste for most foods while doing chemo; ate alot of applesauce, fruit cocktail, a little chicken, lost desire for milk or yogurt, ate pasta and some vegs but relied alot upon nutrition drinks. Chemo stopped mid-April; appetite back but will not eat applesauce any more!!! steve

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but loosing weigh , well let's be positive,less than 4 pounds in 20 days does not sounds dramatic specially when l m quite
nervous this days, hope so!

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How many calories are you getting a day? Your diet looks very good, but maybe you need to integrate some higher calorie foods?

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it, l m so lazy for this! LOL! l will do it today !
Let you know!

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Nana b
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I have been gaining away.....but no, really, if you are worried get it checked out!

I have the following and since I have stopped working I am gaining about a lb a week...awful!!

Cereal and soy milk, blue berries, raspberries, or a fruit smoothie

lunch, half a sandwich


dinner, salad and cream soup, or a piece of chicken and a couple sides

no ice cream, no pasta, no muffin, no nada!

juice now and then.....lots of vitamins, supreme greens, and supreme reds.

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Pepe - I lost a lot of weight after surgery in April. I drank lots of those supplement drinks like Boost, Ensure, Carnation etc. to get more calories when I couldn't eat much. There are also special drinks you can get that have even more calories.
I lost weight on folfox and I think I'll lose on folfori as well; so I'm thinking about going back to Carnation - that was my favorite.
Also - full fat Greek Yogurt is awesome!!

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at www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/Data/SR21/nutrlist/sr21a208.pdf

should get you there....Figure at far right is amount of calories in serving size indicated by other 2 figures....Used this and another (which I can't find)site when I was estimating my calory intake....I'm sure there are better ones with more info/foods.....steve

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l estimate my needings in 1800/2000kcal !
hope is enough !

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Joined: Aug 2010

proper weight , You say you lost weight while on chemo, but because you where not hunger or just by the effect of the chemo by it self?
My main concern is that lm hunger and eating fairy well no sense for any loose of weight unless this cut be a normal side effect for chemo.
Beside that not major side effects just loosing hair as crazy and the problem of weight ,no pain , vomits tiredness or diarrhea ,thanks good!
how about you?

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Chemo can cause weight loss. See the comments in this thread: http://coloncancersupport.colonclub.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=14670

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Yes losing weight during chemo is normal. Even with my diet and eating all that was possible losing weight was part of it. Sounds like you are eating well, but think that chemo can eat up those calories just by what it does to your system. Hope you are feeling better soon.


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I lost 2 kg my first round and my onc wanted to reduce my dose. I promised him I wouldnt loose any more, if he'd keep me on the same dose. I'm on a 14-day cycle. I tend to loose about 4 lbs the first week (eating, but not enough) and then have to WORK to put it back on the second week. I find I can't eat too much at one meal so I try to have frequent healthy snacks during the day. And I am trying for healthy but high cal snacks like nuts (a lot), avocado.

Good luck!


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