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What happens after chemo?

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what happens after you are done with your 4 or 6 sessions of chemo? My dad was given 6 to 8 months if he took chemo (extensive small cell lung cancer with mets to bone and liver.) Will he feel better and then just get sick again as the tumors grow and then they won't treat it at that point? I think I might be a little confused as to what to expect...thanks for any insight.

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He will probably have some follow-up testing and scans so his doc can decide what's next if necessary. Possibly radiation therapy to the bones, and if he has had a good response, continued chemo. The doc might suggest PCI (Preventive radiation to the brain) - research it well before deciding, or look through all the pro and con posts here and on other sites. Other than that, I don't really know. There is a site that has a very well respected doctor (Dr. West) who answers questions posted in the forums, you might want to take a look and pose your question there.

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