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Amalgam Fillings

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I am curious how many here either have or have had Amalgam fillings (or other metal alloys) in their teeth, how many and if you still have them or not.

I recently had the last of about 8 + amalgam fillings replaced with Resin. I have had them since I was a child.

There is also research showing the trapped bacteria within Root Canal treated teeth can release and 'endotoxin' that is eliminated through the tonsil and into the lymphatic system. These can also lead to may health issues.

The leaching or toxic heavy metals from Metal fillings can lead to a host of problems including fatigue, (Chronic fatigue), chronic inflammatory changes, rheumatoid arthritis, phlebitis fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, Chronic neurologic illnesses,food allergies, chronic sinusitis and headaches. I have had a few of these.

While there is no direct link to Cancer, the effect these have on our well-being and vital organ function can put the body into a 'compromised' situation and more susceptible to diseases including Cancer. Clearing our bodies of toxic metal fillings will obviously have a positive effect on our health, and we all need everything running well to maintain good health.

If anyone has had their metal fillings replaced, did you notice any remarkable changes or improvement in your health. Any discussion or comments welcome.


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I had all my 9 back teeth removed, which included 6 that had amalgam fillings, my first was in at the age of 10. My sons who are now 20, 21 and 22 have never had fillings and still to this date have had no major issues with their teeth. I am curious to why we had them so young. I read an article once which led me to a talk show video about a study done and they believe their was a link to h&nc, so I was more than happy to have my teeth removed without question, they are telling me I can have implants put in in two years, but, now I'm starting to wonder whether or not it is worth it.

I can't say that I have had any of the symptons described, but, I just know that I am happy my filling teeth are all gone.

Interesting information, xxxxx

Kent Cass
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Figure I had maybe 7 such fillings over the years, and a couple still exist. And, do have a prominant "amalgam tatto" on my lower left gum. Thanks for the info, Scam.


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I have about 6 still in there and hoping to get them removed, I will be going back to MD Anderson on the 13th to find out what the plan is to remove all the bad teeth and help open the jaw.

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I had my last seven amalgam fillings replaced prior to treatment in April.

I currently have five gold crowns on my back teeth.


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Prior to treatment back in January I was referred to the dental specialist for HNC at Shands in Florida. She was concerned that my back molars on each side had several of these fillings and could cause trouble in the future. However, after doing xrays she concluded that I had very good jaw bone structure and felt it was 50/50 chance that I could have problems. I elected not to not delay the start of treatment and opted to keep my molars. Hopefully with the daily use of floride trays additional decay can be avoided.


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I have a few from years past also.....

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I have some in the back for chewing as anything else wouldn't be strong enough. I decided to keep these after various chats with my dental hospital and reading various articles as follows
Some people have concerns about the safety of amalgam fillings because they contain mercury. In large enough doses mercury is toxic. However, fillings only use very small amounts.

"Very small amounts of mercury collect in our bodies from a number of sources including the environment, our food and our amalgam fillings. It's estimated that amalgam fillings account for a sixth of the average daily amount - about nine millionths of a gram.

Extensive research has been done to investigate the effect of amalgam fillings on health. No harmful effects from amalgam fillings have been shown and the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) support the continued use of amalgam fillings. However, dentists take special precautions when removing amalgam fillings because drilling into the amalgam creates higher levels of mercury vapour. "

I am however likely now to loose my front crowns and bridges due to treatment.

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... then of course you had amalgam fillings. That's all they had back then.
I think my last amalgam filling was replaced this year.
Honestly, the alleged health impacts from these fillings ranks somewhere in my universe of concerns with athlete's foot or the heartbreak of psoriasis.

--Jim in Delaware

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Nearly all my back teeth top and bottom have metal fillings plus one gold crown. Although I've had a check up and hygeine with my own dentist this week and passed as no gum desease or pockets or plaque I'm getting increasingly worried after finding an article on radiation, that it bounces around your mouth from the metal fillings and burns the tongue and inside the mouth. I think its too late to remove them as I start radiation  IMTR the 18th Spt. Has anyone had bad burns all over the oral cavity and been told their metal fillings caused it and if the radiation hits the metal will it still hit the target like the back of my tongue.

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You might want to start a new post, you will probably get more responses.  I have plenty of fillings, but had a lot of dental work before cancer.  My first cancer was on my upper lip.  I don't know if the radiation bounced around or because of the location but I had horrible sores, burns after radiation.  They did put something on my mask, a mouthpiece supposedly to protect my teeth.

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This post is about three years old, and most of the original posters are gone from the site...

But I have a mouth full of fillings, and a few crowns and a root canal, I also had IMRT, and had minimal side effects...


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I had my fillings all redone prior to radiation and did not have sores in my mouth but my lips had painful sores from the get go and they lasted throughout my tx. Probably one of my worst side effects. A year and half later, my lips remain sensitive and tender. Since I had all of mine switched out and still had sores, I'm not certain how much effect the old fillings have one way or the other.  I had metal braces put on my remaining lower teeth following surgery because they did not line up with the top teeth to allow me to chew. I went for my mask with the braces and wore them up until a day or two before radiation started. 

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Most get mucositis and some thrush. These cause plenty of mouth sores and ulcers on the cheek and tongue. I used a mouthpiece during every radiation treatment and was told it was to keep the radiation from hitting the teeht/jawbone as much, who knows. There are numerous reports of weakened teeth and jawbone from radiation. I don't think there is much one can do about it.

Some report using mouthpieces designed to cut the radiation scatter. It is hard to know how well they work as teeth and jaw problems are long term side effects.

Radiation does have severe effects on your oral cavity and throat areas , no way around it. The treatment creates scarring that restricts the area where food passes. I've not heard of reports of "burn" from radiation but many reports of sores and ulcers. don

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