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Chicken broth through G-Tube? Is it ok?

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Vivi C
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Joined: Jul 2010

I have been feelilng so weak on Ensure and Gatorade and we called my Dietician yesterday and she was gone for the long weekend. Can someone tell me if it's OK to put chicken broth down the g-tube (I have a gastrostomy not a PEG) and my husband is making a chicken soup and is going to strain it and put it down the tube. Any ideas or input would be so helpful? Thank you folks. Enjoy your Saturday.

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Pam M
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Sorry you're feeling like you're not getting the nutrition you need, Vivi. I had a PEG, and do not know what you can do with a gastrostomy. Can you take anything by mouth? I do know you can put home prepared foods though the PEG, but have to be careful it's strained with a fine enough strainer. Hopefully, someone with knowledge of the gastrostomy will post soon. Good luck.

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I believe Mick puts a variety (anything and everything) of foods thru his PEG.

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Should be ok, anything liquid should be ok as long as you flush it good to keep it clean.

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I had a G-Tube and I put chicken broth through it with no problems.


Lena Rose
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Joined: Apr 2010

My husband has also been putting chicken broth down his tube. Just make sure it's cool!

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I would also suggest that some if swallowed. This will help continue the automatic muscle reaction that is needed for eating and drinking. Small amounts more often work well.


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