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More biopsies

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Well yesterday I had another round of biopsies, the intial results showed no cancer but will have to wait a week for the official results. This round of biopsies has been really painful, having a hard time swallowing and a lot of ear pain. The doctors went deeper and more extensive this time.


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D Lewis
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So very sorry you had to be subjected to this. I do hope that the official results are as good as your initial results. Here's hoping for a smooth recovery for you.


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And here's to great "official" results!

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Here's hoping (and praying) for good results.

--Jim in Delaware

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Glenna M
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The initial report sounds encouraging...I will be praying that the official reports say NO CANCER also.

Stay well,

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Hi Brad,

I had to go through the same thing, but mine was not painful for very long. Hope yours is the same and everything is clear.


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Hope things get better soon. My dad my need the same thing and he is dreading it.


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Pam M
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Hate the wait. Hope you're celebrating this time next week.

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Pam M
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Twice the good wishes

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You are in my prayers, for good results and speedy healing!

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I hope all will be well, sometimes all we can do is to pray and you are in my prayers.

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