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Once more : any interesting week end plan or adventure?

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As usual and if weather allowed go to my beach House rest, and a little of
boating! Boring! l Rather prefer an adventure in the Jamaican jungle or so!
Have a Funny weekend .

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Nana b
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I have to go get the little one some school clothes. And like every other Saturday hang out at my mothers house with my sisters and their kids. and fastfood for lunch.lol

Rest of the weekeng I quess clean.....

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We spent the day at our State Fair yesterday - eating food that isn't good for you, and drinking a little beer. I watched my son march with the University band in the parade (they had so much energy - it was fun). I watched a baby piglet being born. We attended many musical performances, saw all the crafts and arts, and did a lot of people watching. It was a wonderful day. Just what I needed.

My Jamaican adventure is October 1st. Well, not an adventure, but a working trip. I always enjoy working in a new environment. But I might not be able to attend now. It just depends on what plan of action my oncologist comes up with.

Today and tomorrow (we have a Monday holiday in the US), I don't have plans. I need to get some cleaning and projects done around the house, but have such little energy. I am wiped out after Friday and yesterday.

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For sure something interesting! (any plan to forget this mess it is)


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