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One year check up

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I had a great report (SCC, left tonsil, 2 lymph nodes). Everything looks good. I had a PET at 9 months and it looked good too. The doctor is very pleased with the progress. I have been reading this site every couple days since I ended treatment last August. I don't post often but feel a need to say thank you to everyone whenever I do. I send out positive thoughts to you all and thank you for all the efforts to help others and me out who read. Of interest, my doctor at Virginia Mason said the FDA just approved a new robotic surgery with follow up radiation only (the cisplatin has been ugly for me). I didn’t ask questions but he said they have used this with 5 patients since its recent approval.



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Very happy for you... continued good health!

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D Lewis
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So happy for you.


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Glad to hear the awesome news....

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Mark, That is such great news to hear. You must be stoked!! Keep it up. Cheers


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That is great news that we all need to hear. Thank you for letting us all know. May the good scans and check ups continue. May I ask? Was yours HPV+?
Also very interesting regarding the approved robotics with radiation only. I wonder if that is for HPV+ only. Mark, my partner had the robotic surgery (TORS) in Philly. Opting to do chemo with the radiation. Cisplatin was rough on him too, and he was taken off of it after the first dose because of hearing loss.

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Thanks for sharing the good news with us, all the best to you

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Wonderful to hear a good report.

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That is great news! Always good to hear success.

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It is always nice to hear good news.

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Glad to hear it.
The beast can be beaten.

--Jim in Delaware

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My doc said I was of the age group that it was probably HPV but did not test. He said treatment would be the same either way. He avoided talking about percentages. My new hearing aids help both with higher pitches and the ringing. Time I hope will help with some of the tiredness.

Thanks for all the well wishes and with the help of family and friends I'm a survior today!


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Glenna M
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Love reading encouraging posts like yours. I hope your hearing continues to improve and I'm sure you will get over the fatigue, it seems to be a side effect that we have all suffered.

Stay well,

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So Happy to read this first thing in the morning.


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