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CEA Count

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Nana b
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Joined: May 2009

2.5, same as three months ago!!! YES!! Thank you all for rooting for me! Got to keep doing what I'm doing for now.......keep the faith.

Love Ya!!!

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Isn't that always such a huge relief?? Now, it's like you get a 3 month break from worry and stress.... yep, do what you are doing, get out and enjoy life and leave your stress (a killer on it's own) behind!! Life is all about living... not fretting and worrying, which this darn beast takes up way too much of our time spent on the fretting and worrying stuff :)

Here's to all the upcoming CEA tests for everyone here on the CSN Board! We all know they are going to poke us, take our blood and test it for various tests, including a CEA reading... so let's all have good ones this month :)


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2.5 for a 10...Thats great Nana b...now figure out what I meant...... :)...Love to you and yours and have a greattttt next 3 months as well as the rest of your life.... Buzz

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That's great, NanaB; I am really happy for you.

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Yeah Nana,

Great news. So happy for you. Be blessed.

Big Hugs and Prayers,


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That's wonderful! Have a great weekend now!!!


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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

I know that 3 months is three months, but that is enough to give me that time with my family without thinking.....I mean we think about cancer all the time, but NED does mean something....if we can only keep it going longer. I pray that I do. And I am happy for me, as is my family! I may not graduate, but I am going to have a blast while I can! So wicked!!

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That is just great, now relax and enjoy a little peace for awhile


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Joined: Mar 2009

Great news about your cea, now you wont need that scan! Hugs

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YIPEEE!!!!! take it 3 months at a time!


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I just saw onc today, and I'm back down to ... drum roll please..... 2.5 toooo!!!!
Yay for us!!!
Winter Marie

Posts: 295
Joined: Apr 2010

Great numbers! I am very happy for you & Marie too.

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I am so happy for you!

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

Hello everyone, this post is actually almost a year old, but the best news is that I am still NED. Not bad for a stage 4! Sta positive and fight! Thanks!

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