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3 months since I lost my mom to GBM...

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it has probably been the worst 3 months of my life being without her......every day is a struggle..i try to stay busy but when im done the pain is still present.....i think of her every day....hugging her, laughing with her, laying down with her...her rubbing my head...she's my best friend, my heart, my soul...im living a lonely existence without her....i hate cancer....i hope they find a cure soon..its not fair that we have to lose our loved ones to this monster.....

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Tina Blondek
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Hello Irene and welcome to the surviving caregivers family. I was a caregiver for my dad. He passed in March from ec with mets to the liver. It will be 6 mos. on the 9th and it still feels like it was last night when I received that dreaded phone call. I look back at my 3 mo. mark and compare myself with then and now. It does get easier. Not better, easier. I was so happy to read that you hate cancer. I do too. So many people blame God for this. I blame the cancer, not God. God is the one who helped us help our love ones, gave us strength, gave us love, made us realize how much we love them. God taught us how to deal with this journey. Beginning, middle, and end. Our love ones lifes are over on earth, but they are living for eternity in heaven. In heaven there is no pain, no suffering, no tears. Only memories, good memories. We will get to see them again. There we will spend eternity together. God made us that promise,and remember...God keeps his promises. Hope this has helped you to know that you are not alone. There are many of us here who have recently lost a loved one. Together we are able to help one another. Peace be with you now. Keep in touch.

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Three months may seem like a long time, but in terms of grief it really isn't. My husband passed away a little over ten months ago. I am still grieving. He will always be a part of me. I think our modern society has programed us to expect everything to move quickly. Grief doesn't end quickly. Allow yourself to grieve. It think that is the main thing I have learned to do. I cry when I need to, vent occasionally, and just accept that bad days happen. Today was our anniversary. It had its hard moments as I expected, but I agree with Tina that it does get easier. I still struggle at times, but that is to be expected, too. Take care of yourself. Fay

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I lost my mother 11 months ago (October 2009) to breast cancer. I still cry often, but not as much as I use to. I was extremely close to my mother too, just like you were. I went to a grief support group, and that actually really helped. You might want to consider looking for a group in your area. I still think of her every day. I dont think that there will be a day in my life that I wont think of her. I tell myself how lucky I was to have a mother that loved me so much. It does not take the pain away, but it does put things a little more into perspective. Good luck to you.

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