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Hey All.

Just wanted to say that I've moving to Central Oregon. My last day here at work is tomorrow.
I currently work at a place where I can easily pop on the boards and see how everyone is doing and maybe share a thought or answer a question fairly easily, however, that won't be possible with my new job. So I'll check in randomly, but just want to thank everyone for their support over the last year, and wish each and every one of you clear scans, piece of mind, healthy, painfree days, positive energies, and many many cyber hugs!!!!


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It won't be the same around here without your frequent input! Please come here whenever you are able and let us know how you're doing! I hope you enjoy your new home and I wish you all the very best--always!


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Sue, i always look forward to hearing from you. I wish you the very best in your new job and new home. You have many friends here in CSN, please keep in touch

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Gosh, I'm going to miss you too. I'm kind of afraid to move myself in case I have a recurrence. Good luck and I hope you like it there.

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Hi Sue,

Have a safe move, and please check in whenever you can, you inspire me, with your strength and attitude.


sandra malone
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I will miss your daily input. But we havbe each others email so..if I really need YOU I no where to find you. You sound like you are doing well.I'm sure you will make this transition with the ease given to you by GODS support! Stay in touch. U were one of my 1st contacts. I'll never forget u. GOD SPEED on your new journey.

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THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!! And I welcome any of you to find me on Facebook. Sue Marie Giovanni....shouldn't be too many of us :)!!

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Sue - Best of luck to you on your move and I wish you NED always.


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Hi Sue

Congrats on your new move in Life - I've heard Oregon is very scenic. I'll miss seeing you around, but you can catch me somewhere - and I'll certainly look for you, as I did today.

Send me your new address and I'll send you a copy of the magazine with my article in it - it will be coming off the press in a couple of weeks:)

Drive safely!


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Hi Craig!
I've been keeping a close eye on you!!! I also talk to Kathy Pattenden weekly on the phone, and I know you and her keep in touch, and she tells me how you're doing. I have alwasy sooo enjoyed reading your posts. You are such a kind, considerate, and AMAZING person!
I would love to recieve a copy of your article. Are you on FB so I can send you a personal message with my address? I can never remember how to do it on here. Not that i don't trust all of you, but we occasionally get SPAMMED!

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No FB:(

I'll send you a PM and then all you have to do is press "Reply to Message."


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SOUNDS easy enough :):)....do I found it in CSN email?

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When you login you will see a highlighted GREEN field that says you have "1 Private Message." You just click on that and it will bring you into the email. You'll see sundance and just click on the subject message.

Then at the bottom, you just select Reply to Sender...and type in your message and hit send.

Or you can go into CSN email and you will see NEW in red letters with my name and subject line - follow the same thing and you will be good to go.

Take 'er, EZ, Sue!

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well that's what I thought Craig...but I've logged out and back in, and don't see anything either way? I'm so much better with FB :)!! But it doesn't appear to be there.....
sorry. Your instructions were so detailed....LOVE THAT..THANKS! I hate it when some tech guy tells me how to do things and I am clueless as to what he's even talking about!!!!

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Best wishes to you -- will miss your frequent input in here and hope that you will try to come in here as often as you can...appreciated all the information and input you gave me during treatment.

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Gosh, you are a "staple" here! I am just back from 10 days away and trying to catch up - maybe I missed you already but in one of your less frequent check-ins, please know that I wish you all the best and a NED every time!

Good luck with the move- I always am totally stressed by moving and don't intend ever to move again. May your new home be blessed!


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