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Warning symptoms after treatment

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My wife had metastise to her ovaries. Ovaries and uteris removed. 8 treatments of FOLFIRI and Avastin. Good results, low CEA, NED. Finished everything in June and decided to take the summer off. No appointments, no Doc's. Extra healthy lifestyle and still working four days a week as an RN.

Of course, unusual aches and pains make us nervous. After a week of new yoga classes she is experiencing mild back pain. Four days after last class back pain still present (thought milder). Coincidence or cause for concern? Any other aches or symptoms to keep an eye out for??

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Best of luck to all,


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I don't know what to tell you regarding the back pain, but I wanted to welcome you here. It sounds like your wife has had great success with her treatment.

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My friend teaches yoga, and knows alot about the exact exercises she teaches...what may hurt for a bit after starting, etc...

I know she doesn't want any contact with her doctor....but could YOU call and just discuss with him/her what's going on...just a thought...

Welcome to the semi-colons....

Hugs, Kathi

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I think that I would be better off to keep my regimen of Dr appts up and CEA and other blood draw issues. It suggests 3 month intervals and for me that keeps me under a close eye with the Drs and also allows me to have plenty of time without all of the running around it entails...again, thats just for me...Good Luck in your decisions....Buzz

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I understand your concern...I know every time I have a little ache or pain I get nervous..I think its always good to get it checked out...but that's just me.

Actually I really wanted to respond to you because I know there are not very many of us ovarian mets out there. I couldn't find anyone when I was diagnosed in October 2007. Have now connected with a few...just wanted to say that I am 2+ years out and NED. My onc has a women who is 10 years out and doing great...just thought I'd share :)


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I sent you a private message.

Take care,

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Welcome, Marty.

I don't have an answer for you. Just want to wish you and your wife well.


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Nana b
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I started exercising and started stretching at first and I was sore! I know what you mean about those aches and pains. My tummy is sore and I think it's from my exercising but my ONC told me yesterday that if my CEA goes up (results this Friday), then I have to get a scan!

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