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Vitamin supplements

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I was diagnosed with stage 3A Follicular Lymphoma in July. Since then, I have taken four treatments of Rituximab. I have read that vitamin C is suppose to be good for you. A friend of mine recommended Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. I was wondering if anyone has used this and how well it worked.

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Hi Hugger,
I recommend that before you take anything you check with your onc. I've heard that you shouldn't take any vitamins while fighting cancer. (Sounds odd, but I was told that it strengthens the cancer cells and makes them harder to kill.) Not sure what the truth is to that, but it doesn't hurt to ask first. Good Luck with Rituxan! I responded very well to that treatment.

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I took a multivitamin but my onc knew about it. He never said I couldn't take it, but I didn't take any other supplements.

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Check with your doctor first. I am also stage3A F-NHL. My doctor says no vitamin supplements for me and I'm on CVP-R every 21 days. All of the reading my nutritionist gave me says to eat the proper foods instead of using supplements during our treatment.
Take care and let us know what your doctor recommends...Love...Sue

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