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The QUEST is a FREE newsletter published three times a year by the Urological Research Foundation written to inform readers of the latest advances in urologic research, especially prostate cancer treatment.

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QUEST Articles of High Interest (a few of the 118 listed in the archives):

Important New Study Shows PSA Test Cuts Prostate Cancer Death Rate by Half
By William J. Catalona, MD

In the journey to discover the best diagnostic and treatment methods modern medicine can provide, researchers conduct long-term studies on existing screening practices. The outcomes can clarify practices but also they can confuse and sometimes eve...


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A Woman’s Perspective: Getting Information, Influencing Decisions, and Taking Away Pressure
By Cissy Lacks

Many QUEST readers have asked us to include women's experiences during their partners' diagnoses and treatment for prostate cancer. This issue, we start that topic and will continue to print stories in future issues. Deb Kolden couldn't believe wh...


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American Cancer Society Got It Wrong: They Need to Apologize Study Confirms Prostate Cancer Test Saves Lives

The following is a statement released this summer by Project Zero, the Project to End Prostate Cancer. With a new study showing the PSA test reduces the prostate cancer death rate by 44 percent, ZERO – The Project to End Prostate Cancer – demands...


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Jim Boeheim Coaching His Way Through Prostate Cancer
By Cissy Lacks

Jim Boeheim’s attitude toward statistics tells a lot about how he treated his diagnosis of prostate cancer when he was 56. He readily knows how many wins he’s been part of as basketball coach at Syracuse University – 829. Ask him about losses, ...


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Article 5 of 118
Buyer Beware: More Hype Than Substance in Laparoscopic and Robotic Techniques; Open Prostatectomy is Best
By William J. Catalona, MD

In the Winter 2009 issue of QUEST, Dr. Catalona wrote an in-depth perspective on robotic prostatectomy, referring to it as possibly akin to “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” He continues to be asked his opinion for editorials to accompany journal articles...



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