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Not sure what to expect.. can anyone help

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Hi. My Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer May 2009. Doctors spent 3 months trying to stage her and finally approved her for surgery in Sept. 3 days before surgery they found 3 brain tumors. She had gamma knife and they appeared to be gone. Her lung tumor is growing (slowly) and there are now more lymph nodes on PET. Plus one tumor is back (3cm) in left frontal lobe and a new tumor (1cm) in left cerebellum. Docs pushing WBR, but Mom's refusing. They can't (or won't) tell us what we can expect re: effects of brain tumor growth. They simply run through a list of just about everything and say that things "can" start to happen in a couple of weeks (or it may be months...).

URGH... can anyone share their experience with tumors in these areas?

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