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I'm 50!

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Not really trolling for birthday wishes, just enjoying the fact that I'm seeing 50! I sure didn't think I would be here when I was first diagnosed back in 2004! The time since has had its ups and downs, for sure, but I have been more blessed than anything! I think of the many great occasions I have been blessed to experience: I saw my oldest daughter graduate college, get married (was able to make her wedding gown), have her first child and grow into a wonderfully gifted mother of my grand child. I've seen my youngest graduate high school and college, celebrated her 21st birthday and spent many a wild bar crawl enjoying time with her and her friends! My twin and I are currently in Vegas celebrating and it's wonderful! I have had so many angels cross my paths over the past 6 years that have made this journey bearable, and at times even joyful! This board has provided me with much needed support and a place to vent, as well as some great information when I needed it. As you all know, being able to "speak" with others walking in the same shoes as I am helps tremendously! Thank you for all you do, and keep up the fight! Remember, we are all in this for the greater good, hoping to see that day when cancer is no longer the dreaded beast it is today. YOU are the sponsors of another birthday :)

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Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Mary......Happy Birthday to You!
Love and wishes for many more!

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It is indeed a great day! And I can hear you singing :)

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Happy 50th birthday and to be spending in Las Vegas on top of it. Awesome and hope you win some money and have lots of fun. Enjoy your time there and remember what you do in Vegas stays there :)


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thank you very much, Kim! 50 is turning out to be pretty darn awesome! The weather out here is really nice, it's nice to not be in 75% humidity!

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I hope you have a wonderful celebration in Vegas! You certainly deserve it!!!!!!

Make it the best one yet...with many more to come.


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Hope this birthday is the greatest ever for you. Turning 50 didn't bother me...even the black balloons someone sent to me. Next month I'll be 57 and I'm still kicking and enjoying just being alive. Sounds like we are on the same page :)

Happy Birthday!!


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You are a true warrior princess + deserve a wonderful birhtday. Enjoy Vegas, that is an awesome place to celebrate such a special birthday!

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Just great, Mary

I know just what you mean - just turned 49 in the hospital this year and my wife knows I've been talking about hanging on until 5-0 for a long time.

It's on my Bucket List to make that date - I'll feel cheated if I don't get there. 6 years ago, I did not think it possible either. Even as long as 3 years ago, it looked remote.

So glad to see you having fun. Next year will be both our 50 year b'days and our 20 year wedding anniversary. I'm gonna cash it all in so we can finally do something "FUN" next year to celebrate these huge milestones.

And good weather to boot...made to order for the birthday baby:)


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I hope you are having a wonderful one, you deserve it. When I make it to 50, I am going to take a vacation too. Enjoy!!

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Mary, since you're in Vegas, maybe I should warn you not to troll for anything! *L* Hope you're having a fabulous time with your sister.

Happy Birthday!!!!


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This has been a great day and I thank you guys for sharing it with me! This decade is going to be a good one! :)

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I hope you blew out every candle on that cake and got your wish!!!!
A most Happy Birthday to you, strange as it is, when we get older, and especially I think with cancer, we actually look forward to bragging about our age!!! I know I stand proud when I say I'm 51.
Welcome to the old women, but darn good looking, and youthful club my dear!!!!
Winter Marie

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You are just a wee spring chicken, Mary!!! Happy Birthday... and congratulations for seeing that milestone birthday waft in :) Hehehe... I remember my 50th... I had no idea that I had cancer at the time and still was 2 years from being diagnosed even though the tumour would have been quite large at that time. Anywho... I had a wonderful 50th... spent it celebrating in Hawaii. Considering my birthday is in January, and can be quite cold, wet, gray and not the best weather here on the West coast in January... Hawaii is a fabulous place to be, made all the more fabulous when celebrating a milestone birthday.

So I totally can relate to you and your sister both celebrating your 50th birthdays together in Vegas! How much fun is that??? Well you just continue celebrating because 50 is not just one day... it's a whole year!! Yep, you get to celebrate 50 for the whole year.... you are going to be so glad to see 51 just so you can take a break and catch up on sleep :)



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Happy birthday!! Have a fabulous time!!

So many things you wrote really resonated with me. At a time when several of my friends are beginning to ***** about the ageing process --well -- I don't want to be unsympathetic -- but all of us are in that special group who absolutely REJOICE in getting older! Every extra candle on the cake is a cause for MAJOR celebration.

I loved hearing about the many joyous milestones you have been able to enjoy since your diagnosis. That's how I measure the years, too!! (not those lovely wrinkles!).

You and I joined this board around the same time -- and I have so valued your support, friendship and contributions -- to me and so many others

(52 and lovin it!)

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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Every birthday is now a time for celebration!!!


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So very glad you are having a wonderful birthday. My kids took me to Las Vegas for my 50th and we had a blast...hope you are having one too.

Hope that there are many many more Happy Birthdays in your future.

Marie who loves kitties

PS put a quarter in the slots for me...I will split the winings with you...lol.

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Joined: Oct 2004

the way I gamble, we'd have to split the losses :) I prefer to watch others enjoy rather than throw my own money away!

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Joined: Apr 2006

Happy Birthday Mary

Hope you have many more!


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l m 52 and sure we both will post our 100 birthday !

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.... and many many many more to come....CHEERS!


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Have a wonderful day .


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Only if I can have my children with me! I don't know if I can say I want to be around THAT long, but we never know what our future holds!

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Sending Birthday wishes. Hope you have a great day. Margaret

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Hi Mary,

Happy birthday! I totally get what you're saying- you're so happy to be celebrating the 50th! I know it's a birthday many dread, but not when you've walked in our shoes!
Wishes for many, many more to come!!!


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Nana b
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Happy Birthday! Keep doing what you are doing, because it's working!!

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And you look amazing, Mary! Whatever you're doing, keep it up!

I hope all of us make it to 50, too. I'm counting on it for myself with only nine years to go!

Many hugs,

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I look forward to your celebration in 9 years as well! Fight on!

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50 is a milestone regardless. 50 trips around the sun is another way to look at it. Considering how long THAT'S been around you are a mere babe [and a babe too ;-) ] It's a more important event though when you are in a boat like most of us are. I love birthdays, the more the merrier.
Happy birthday Mary!

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thanks for the compliment!

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Happy birthday dear Mary! In 9 more years I hope to be reporting the same news and hearing about your 59th!


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Happy Birthday Mary. I too turned 50 this year and quite frankly don't like it.



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Happy Birthday!!! What a milestone. When I turned 50, I celebrated all year including a trip to Vegas with childhood friends.

Enjoy that vacation!!!!


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Enjoy your day, enjoy las Vegas, hope you win big...


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Joined: Dec 2009

you are a sweetheart!

Enjoy your birthday and Vegas. :)


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And I always forget to post that my twin is a guy! He's the greatest man in the world and I have recently moved in with him and his family, to take off some of the stress from all this for me! Tonight we go to see Donny and Marie! Ya HOOOOOOOO! :)

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Happy birthday to you. 50 is a milestone for sure, especially for us semicolons. I look forward to my 50th in two years.


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Joined: Oct 2004

My expressions now has a pic of Matt and I in our birthday hats :)

Posts: 3692
Joined: Oct 2009

That is a great photo of both of you + you look like you are positively glowing with health!

Posts: 211
Joined: May 2009

Happy Birthday ! It sounds like the perfect way to celebrate. Thanks for sharing your milestones with us. I agree that the photo is great of both of you and you are glowing with health !! Brenda

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Joined: Oct 2004

The hats were too funny! Some days I sure don't feel it, but I appreciate that I don't LOOK like I feel! :)

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50 is livin' large!!!! YEA!!!!! I am dancing hard!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Happy belated 50th, you don't look it :-p, hope you had a great day. Hugs

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and many more to follow........Have a blast in vegas.....Love and Hope, Buzz

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