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SPOHNC (anybody here familiar with this org)

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I emailed our SPOHNC contact early yesterday morning looking for guidance about how to get my brother seen at a local hospital here since he is indigent & needing medical followup asap. I left her a voicemail too about 9:15 yesterday. No return email, no return call so far. Anyone have any experience or contact with SPOHNC?

thanks in advance .... Patty

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I used to run one of their support groups here in FL. This was years ago when the founder Nancy Leopold was still in charge. I don't know who is running this at this point as Nancy has retired. I don't know how much pull SPOHNC would have at your local hospital as they normally aren't affiliated with the hospitals as they are a support organization.

My suggestion would be to call the Department Chair's office for the ENT department and speak to the doctor's secretary. If you play your cards right you might be able to talk your way in to an quick appointment.

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Yes, I actually signed up to be a volunteer for them on their surivivor network. Also used their "We Have Walked In Your Shoes - A Guide to Oral, Head and Neck Cancer" book while I was going through my treatments. I recommend the book to anyone who is getting ready to go through treatments. It helped me keep track of everything I needed to do and what foods I could eat and how to prepare them!

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I believe the lady that I sent the email to who is with SPOHNC is also on staff at the hosipital here (Carolinas Medical Center). That is probably why I haven't heard back from her yet ... or my email could be in her spam box. I'm sure she is super busy-- since she appears to be working full time & doing SPOHNC as a volunteer! I'm going to keep trying. Last resort will be to beg Michael to go to the emergency room with any of the many symptoms he is still having ... significant jaw pain, persistent productive cough, back pain etc.

thanks again ... I'm back on the hunt for some type of followup care for my brother

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I'm currently a member and speaking for my local chapter they are fantastic. It's a holiday weekend comming up and perhaps the individual took a day off. Why don't you try the main number and ask for suggestions and recomendations. 1-800-377-0928. Again I have nothing but the highest regard for this organization. Give them a chance. You're a good brother.

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