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13 months after completion

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I was stage 2 . i am still having trouble on my left side of anus. tumor was on the right side. have bumps and inflammation. can not sit for very long. cannot do fast walking for exercise. sweat really irritates. have to apply lantaseptic, aquaphor to go out. have to use KY Jelly to have BM. still have 3-5 Bm's each day. scares me because I know that chronic inflammation can lead to reoccurance. go to MDA in 2 weeks. has anyone gone this long with problems????

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I can't really answer your question. I am about 2 years out and still deal with painful BM's and some inflammation from time to time. I also have multiple BM's during a normal day. I know you will bring this all to the attention of your doctor when you go for your follow-up--I'm glad you will have the appt. soon and get answers to your questions. I hope everything looks good and what you are experiencing is just radiation damage. Please let us know what you find out.

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I had all your symptoms up to 2 years after treatment. I still have 3-5 BM's a day. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies though. I tell my doctors, and although they seem surprised, they never say anything. I know it seems like it takes forever to heal :(. Hang in there...it does get better!

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Hi - I am almost 15 months out and I have bumps and irritation. When I asked my colorectal doc if the bumps were hemorrhoids he said it was scar tissue (who knows). Although I do not have a problem sitting. I also once in a while get this kind of throbbing pain (mild) if I had a lot of bm's that comes and goes for the day. I still have 3-5 bm's day and if I eat something spicey I might even have more.

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