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PET/CT results for Dad

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We got good news yesterday. The oncologist said that the CT scan came back clear and the PET only showed a little activity in the original cancer site on the tongue. He said the number on the PET at the time of diagnosis was a 15 and now the number is 3. and anything over 4 is cancer. He seems to think that is really scar tissue since my dad is only 2 months post treatment. He said the ENT will watch it for a few months and then biopsy it to get a better idea. He also said that if it is cancer it appears to be in the stage of dying and that was great news.

Also all of the noded showed that they have no activity. The oncologist said this is the best results that my dad could of had. He told me that he is positive that we have beat this thing.

My family and I want to think everyone for their prayers and support.

Thank you


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Hi Kathy, I just loving hearing this kind of news, I think I will do the dance just for your dad.

Take care and God be with you both

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Puma...this is so great to hear about your dad!!! Whew! Breathe again. Enjoy every day.

Kent Cass
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Very glad to hear the news about your Dad. Sounds good.


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Hi Kathy, Great to hear this. Nice to get good news after such a battle.


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Hi Kathy, That is such great news to hear. Cheers


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Great news Kathy, it should only start getting better from here....just slowly.


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D Lewis
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So very happy for you and your Dad!


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It is great to hear great news!!


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Pam M
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That's news I can use over and over again. And for the doc to say he's positive you all have beat it makes it even better. Party on.

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Glenna M
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A sunny morning, a cup of coffee and your great news!!! Couldn't be a better start to my day.

Congratulations on the great news!!!


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Congrats, we all love hearing good news... keep it coming.

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Happy to hear such good news.

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Great to hear the good news on your Dad Kathy!

Positive thoughts to your family and everyone here!


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