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Hi everyone!

I completed 11 hours of surgery; they removed any visible cancer, also removed my spleen, gall bladder and appendex (he told me they removed them for better visualization under the diaphragm. then they instilled heated chemo (some type of platinum) for two hours and removed it. He also did a complete perinectomy and stripped all the peritineum (it grows back) I have about 100 staples in my tummy. I had an epidural for about five days for pain. I was very lucky, they told my husband they would do only as much as would help me but everything went so well they could do it all! I may have a few chemo's to take after; (I had to take four doxils before). This will depend upon what the group that developed the procedure and keep the data on it decide. There is also a tumor board that makes these decisions.

My family stayed with me and took turns sleeping in my room. I didn't go to ICU but the oncology unit; they are skilled in caring for HIPEC patients. Jim said the first night a male nurse named Jayson worked on me all night. I have no recollection of him. I had quite a few pain drugs the first day or two and can't remember much. Getting up the first time was hard but after that each time it gets easier. I went home at 9 days instead of the ususal 11. They recommend a family memeber stay with you at night. I woke up one morning and Emily told me, "Mom you worked all night." I would be calling up patients and giving them their lab reports, xray reports, in detail! She said how you can remember that stuff I don't know! Funny what is settled in our unconsious minds.

If you are a candidate for HIPEC I highly recommend Dr. Hoefer in NewPort News Virginia. He is outstanding and so very kind. He doesn't miss a thing. He is the most dedicated oncology surgeon I have ever met.

The hardest part for me was the G tube and my throat was sore from the long intubation. Now I wait to see if I have a few chemo's left.

Thank you for your love and support! You even called my hubby! You thought about me! You cared about me! You Prayed for me!

I love you all. Diane

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So so happy to hear you're back and slowly getting up to speed. Sounds like you've been blessed with a wonderful and caring family. That truly makes our experiences so much easier.

The G-tube isn't fun as my husband had that after a major surgery years ago. It was so uncomfortable, but his doc told him "it was keeping him alive". In fact we thought pulling it out would cause pain, it was so easy....hopefully same for you.

Glad you're back and keep getting better each day and you'll be full tilt sooner than later.

((( hugs )))

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WOW! You did it! I told my oncologist all about you and the procedure! You inspired me and I am not as comfortable with my oncology team's "quality of life" consideration in all treatment decisions, as I, too, want to make a bold move and change my fate as I truly believe that you have done. I have an appointment next Tuesday at Fox Chase Cancer Center to be seen by their famous gyne-onc surgeon to see if there is anything dramatic I can do to slow this steady march towards death I feel like I'm on. (realizing of course that every living thing is on this march with me!) But I don't mean to make this post about ME; it's about our wonderful DIANE who walked through the flame and is here safe and sound on the other side!

Enjoy the wonder and comfort of sleeping in your own bed and take the time you need to rest and get healed. You are my hero.

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Thanks so much for logging on so soon after your return home. I sat here this morning just crying with relief while reading your words. You may remember that early on when you were first considering the possibility of HIPEC I mentioned that it is the route I would lean toward if I experience a pelvic cavity UPSC recurrence.

I hadn't realized just how much I was holding my breath the past couple of weeks while waiting for you to rejoin us! I DID know how hard I was praying for you to be able to receive the full therapy! Way to go!


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Cecile Louise
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Diane! I'm so happy to hear the wonderful news. I hope you can hear us all cheering for you!
You are amazing and brave and strong - thanks for all the info, and most of all for letting us know how you're doing.


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Oh, Diane, How good it is to hear from you! You sound wonderful in spite of your recent HIPEC experience! Yup....you a strong lady and I am praying that you will continue to get lots of good news!! You deserve it. Am thinking you would have survived well on a wagon journey to "settle the West"! A true pioneer....Brave and strong!!



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as you can see, we've all been thinking about you, wishing the very best for you, and it looks like it worked! i'm so glad that the doctors were able to do everything that could possibly be done, and that you tolerated this massive procedure so well. it's all downhill (in the best way) from here. you've walked on fire, you've gone through the flames, and now you're here to tell the tale. i couldn't be happier for you. now it's time for you to just rest and relax with family and friends, and no worries. hopefully you won't need any more chemo, but it you do, it will be a piece of cake. i'm so glad you've gotten the excellent medical care that you have; what a huge difference that makes. i feel like i lucked out with my gyn-onc, and sounds like so have you. the g tube is a drag; i had it in for 24 hours, but it did the job, and was a big relief. and now, no more g tubes for you! (i had most everything taken out too in my surgery, don't miss any of it!) keep in touch as your energy permits.

hugs and sisterhood,

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I am soooo glad to hear that you are back home. I thought about you and everything you were going through. It was so nice of Linda to get us updated on your condition. What an inspiration for us all. I had been feeling a little down lately but your post put me right back on track!

Keep up the great recovery!

Love and Hugs.


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Dear Diane,

THANK YOU! for posting so soon. OF COURSE, we've all been thinking of you every single day. It's surely a strange, but wonderful sisterhood. We didn't choose it, don't wish it on anyone, but oh so very happy to be among such courageous and fantastic ladies.

All the best as you recover!

Nancy (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)

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You did it!!!! How wonderful you were able to have everything done that they hoped to do. Hoping you will have the many added years. You are a true trooper. Wishing you the very best. Not remembering the first few days is probably a blessing for you. Glad you have such great family support. You have been in my thoughts and prayers since your hospitalization. You and your family will remain there, too.

I am so glad you got to come home after 9 days instead of having to stay 11 days. Your own bed has to be so comforting. Continue to take care of yourself. In peace and caring.

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Double Whammy
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Dear Diane-

So good to hear that it all went so well - and it really sounds like it did. Rest and recover and then celebrate.

Best wishes,

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Glad you posted!!! I have been wondering how you are doing. Sounds like you had excellent medical care!!! Glad you are doing well.

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So happy for you Diane. Be well and speedy recovery. June

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You are incredible an inspiration to all of us. Glad you are feeling better. You did it! We were all praying for you. Keep getting stronger and stronger. You are a warrior!! The best. Keep fighting!!

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Welcome back Diane!!! So good to hear how well this went for you -- such a major event. You are a warrior and an inspiration to keep on fighting the good fight. Rest, recover, and enjoy every day!!! Annie

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You are a trailblazer!! Thank you for everything. See you soon - we'll stop at the DQ on that lovely stream - Love, Mary Ann

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Finally i can take a deep breath. i didn't realize just how concerned i was til i read this post. Am truly thrilled for you. you must be so happy. you have always looked radiant in your photo and now i can feel that glow coming from you. Everyone is thankful for your posting of what happened and the recommendation and we all thank you.

love, hugs and warm healing thoughts,


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Continued prayers being sent to you!

Keep us posted :)


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Diane, I'm so impressed. That must have been a nightmare - but you handled it so well. It really is
a one day at a time existence - you did well. I am truly in AWE. I've never even heard of that treatment.