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three for three

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Joined: Jun 2010

4 1/2 weeks out now and things are looking up.

1st: My wife, Kusi, and I went to our fave Italian restaurant on Sunday and I was able to eat some of everything we ordered: the thinnest of thin crust margherita pizza, spaghetti napoletana, mussels arrabbiata (Kusi's choice) and some salad. I had tried some pizza just 2 weeks ago and couldn't eat the first bite.

2nd: Yesterday had a 1 month check-up with the rad MD, and he said everything is looking very good.

3rd: Visited the dentist for a check up today and everything is looking good there also.

So now its the 2 month wait for that first CT scan. Keeping my fingers crossed.... Cheers


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That is totally awesome Jimbo, cheers Jen

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6 weeks out today, Mark is in a similiar spot. Great to hear your good news. Engaging in some of life's normal activities. We too are awaiting the first PET in November. Until then, live every day to the fullest!

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Great news my friend, thanks for sharing

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Great to hear this Jimbo & Mark, that you can start to feel alive again and you are well and truly coming out of the dark old tunnel.


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Kick ARSE! Great news and great progress, I'm so glad for you! Best wishes.

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It is nice to hear such great news -- Live life to the fullest

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Joined: Aug 2009

So nice to hear good news! Best wishes for continuing a good recovery. Glad you are able to eat most things - sounds like you are really progressing well.

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Just does not get any better than those 3. Congrats on the wonderful news.

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Pam M
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Keep up the good work

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Pam M
Posts: 2196
Joined: Nov 2009

Keep up the good work

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D Lewis
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Keep up the good work.


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