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I just found this website because I'm dealing with breast cancer BUT 5 years ago I had a total thyroidectomy for papillary cancer. It went well and I had the RAI treatment w/ iodine free diet. I remember telling the doctor, " I don't eat iodine" and he said, "Oh yes you do!"
Anyway, one of the most interesting things about this whole experience was when I asked the doctor, "How do you get thyroid cancer, as I had no family history?" He said radiation exposure. Now, I'm 52 years old, my brother is 51. We got our tonsils out the same day in 1965. I found out that some doctors in this area used radiation to shrink the tonsils before surgery. I have no way of finding out for sure if my doctor did this. But now, my brother is having symptoms.
Has anyone else heard of doctors using radiation to shrink tonsils?

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Have not heard that, but I had my tonsils removed in 1958 (am 59 now). Had TT in June, and it was papillary cancer. I have no family history of this either. Interesting!

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