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I should be two weeks into treatment by now; but due to some issues with lymph fluid (chyle)collecting in my neck and distorting the simulation scans, treatment is delayed. Last week, my ENT put a drain tube into my neck, along with yet another pressure dressing, and modified my diet. Tomorrow he will hopefully remove the tube and tell me that another surgery isn't needed. I've been patient so far, but I'm starting to lose it. I want to be on the other end of treatment. It's frustrating that treatment hasn't even started and with the possibility of yet another delay for another surgery and recovery time. Patience is needed. Wish me luck tomorrow and that my ENT leaves the exam room with all of his fingers intact.

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I can totally relate. Everything I have been through to date has either had something go wrong, or a specific surgery was broken up into multiple surgeries. The end result was totally worth it as my surgeries that should have only been one surgery made the end result much better.

I start my Radiation Sept. 8th and Chemo Sept. 13. I already am in the mindset that something will not go as planned or the side effects will be so badthat they will have to go to a "plan B"

You are in my prayers tonight and will send positives your way.

Just focus on the end result!!



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Even though it's frustrating, they know what they are doing and don't want you to start treatment if you are not ready. Hang in there... you'll get there and soon be looking back on it all.

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I am sorry that you are having such a complication. All I can say is try to stay positive. Use this opportunity to eat as many foods as you can for taste may never be hte same!! :)

Charles Big Huggs!!!!

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