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What are the indications for SIRS

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I cantt remember why my dad oncologist said a clinical trial is his best option my mind was so scattered. What are the indications for sirs? My dad has multiple tumors all over his liver as we can see they are agressive and grew back within 3 months of his resection? Is this the end for him? im soooo afraid we are so close im getting marriesd in october, i look at him and just cry and cry!

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But this is absoluely not the end... That's the battles we have to go through.. They pop up, we kill them.. We might lose the battle but the war is still to be won.. Do a research

Link below will give you a general idea. I had 2 treatments prior to my surgery andit worked with minimal side effect..

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Kohsin thank you for your positive attitude, I find more comfort in absolute strangers than my own friends who dont understand what this really feels like. I hope this is not the end, I just hope its not...

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Tina Blondek
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Hello Sarah and welcome to you and your dad. I agree, this is for sure not your dad's end! It is just another bump in this bumpy roller coaster ride with cancer! If you are not happy with his current drs. make sure you seek a 2nd opinion. Be more positive. He will be here for your wedding. Get him seen quickly by the right team of drs. Keep in touch.

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Bizarre, responded to your other post about your father, just thought it was doubly strange that my father is going through a similar recurrence and I'm also getting married in October. Best not to cry in front of him as it'll just serve to highlight whatever worries you have about his survival. Cry, but do it away from him is my advice.

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