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Requesting update on our friends UPDATED

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Hoping that the following folks who have had major things going on recently will be able to give us an update on how they are doing:

pf78248 (Priscilla re: hubby David) - reply below
okthen re:hubby - reply below
Sundance (Craig) - reply below
idlehunters (Jennie) - update on sep. thread dated 8/31
Kerry S. - update on sep. thread dated 8/31

WinneyPooh has been on and seems to be doing well except for a little 'bum burn'.

Thoughts and prayers for all of you.

Marie who loves kitties

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Thanks for asking about David. He is without pain but so confused and has a hard time finding the right words. He is weak and bedridden and it. breaks my heart to see him this way. As I write this my home is filled with loved ones. Both are kids are here in the bedroom with us. David's 88 year mother has been with us at his side, along with so many others. The nurse today said he is in the active stage of death so I pray it is peaceful when it comes.

His mother is also named Marie, a beautiful name for beautiful people. Thank you so much for asking about him and thanks to everyone who has sent us love, prayers and encouragement. You all mean more to me than you will ever know!

Hugs and Healing for All,

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What a very tough time this is for you, your family and your loved ones. I have no idea when someone is confused at the end if they are really understanding that they are confused or if it is our perception because while we are of sound body and mind, we assume one of the worst things would be to be confused and not understanding what's going on.

I think, for me, in some ways it would be good not to understand what is going on. It's sort of how I can keep my sanity throughout this disease. As I told my oncologist, I really and truly do not like going to the Cancer Agency (where her office is) even though I have had nothing but wonderful care from everyone there. When I am not at the Cancer Agency, I can live very comfortably in my world of denial. I feel great, I can do the things I enjoy doing, eat the things I enjoy eating, working (ok, volunteering) hours and hours by being involved with my passion, theatre and it's not until I go to the Cancer Agency that it hits me the reason I'm there. That can scare me... and I don't like being scared.

I do much better when I'm in my little world of denial, which makes me wonder if maybe the mind puts us in a state of confusion because it's much easier to not understand what is going on than to be hit with the reality of what is happening? I don't know... I certainly don't have the answers and I know everyone is different on how much they will/can accept and when they don't want to know anymore. The mind works in very unique ways to protect us.

Of course, none of this helps you during this very painful time, other than to be comforted by the understanding that he is not in pain. I can't think of anything harder to have to go through than to see someone you love go through this, especially if they are in pain.

Know that you are loved, by everyone around you... and that so many understand what you are going through and wish we could be there to hold your hand, or sit around a table with a cup of tea and just allow you to chat it all out. It doesn't make the situation any easier, but it does make it easier to understand when others know what it's like to have to go through this process, which we all have to at one point or other in our lives.

Sending virtual huggggs your way!


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It's awful what you all have to endure, but it's a blessing that David is not in pain.

I'm sending special hugs to mom...it's a crazy world when you must say goodbye to a child...I remember when I did...

I'm sending prayers that he will stay in a pain free state.

Hugs, kathi

C Dixon
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I'm so sorry. I'm praying for David and all of his family.


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It's good to have your family around you at this time. Know that you are not alone


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It's good to have your family around you at this time. Know that you are not alone


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I am sorry that you + David are going through this; it just is not fair! Please know I am thinking about you, as I know so many people on the board are. Thank-you for continuing to update us.

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Holding you and your husband David in the Light for comfort and peace. It is so good that you and the rest of his family are there with him. I am so sorry that you are having to go through this but again, continuing to hold you in the Light.
peace and love,

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Hi Marie

Well, since you asked....

I'm in for it as it turns out.

I'm due for a PET/CT on Sept8th.
I've got a colonoscopy to due, still being scheduled.
I've met with radiation onc - news not good here - 5 to 6 weeks of radiation to lungs.
Folfiri and Vecibitix chemo to start on 9-15 for 6-months.
5-fu pump in addition to the above treatments.

My situation is apparently more dangerous and problematic than previously suspected. I get little bits and pieces from each doc I see. Apparently, the surgery did not completely remove the tumor (too close to spine). So, there is 100% positive margin left - meaning there is still active cancer from that tumor present.

Radiation is supposed to help my odds and prevent another recurrence - 10% chance vs 60% without the rads.

I'm only now realizing how bad this really is this time - and that's saying something.

I want to thank you for your inquiry - that's alot of toxicity to be swallowing all at once. I'll know more later.

P.S. Priscilla, I'm saddened by David, I had hoped to meet him, sounds like a great guy. It's all a little too real for so many of us. Constant, sobering reminders of what we're all up against on any given day. My heart is out to you both and all the others who are in this with us.

Take care

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Dear Craig,

So sorry to hear that the surgery was not able to get all the tumor and that you will be having to go thru so much more yet.

I guess I am a bit surprised that you will have to be getting chemo and radiation at the same time. You are right, that is a lot to take on all at once.

If there is anything that any of us here can do for you or Kim as you fight through this, please let us know. You are in my prayers that all this will bring about a remission for you.

Warrior of all warriors...you take care.

Marie who loves kitties

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I am sorry your situation is more complicated than originally thought. What I like, though, is it seems like your docs are throwing everything they can at it. While I know it will be tough, I look forward to hearing future good news from you as you wreak havoc on what is left of this cancer. Take good care.

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I'm sorry that all the cancer could not be removed and I'm sorry that you're having to go through all this chemo and radiation again. I know it's necessary and that it's part of your ammunition. And I know you'll kick cancer's *** again.
Holding you in the Light for strength, healing, and hope.

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Priscilla - I'm sorry to hear how hard it is for David. I'm glad he has his family around him. I'm sure it means s lot to him. Stay strong. We are with you.

Craig - I wish the surgery could have been better for you. You really deserve a better outcome. Positive margins suck. Stay strong. Stay strong. Stay strong. You're a big Texan bad ***. You can take whatever they dish out.

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Marie who loves kitties (still makes me smile to write that out (o:)
Hubby is doing pretty good....getting bored, wants to do more but doc said take it easy for two weeks and let the connection heal, so he is trying.
He was a bit concerned when all "movement" so to speak, made an abrupt stop 7 days post surgery. He spent 6 on the toilet and then all of a sudden nada. Called Doc he recommended Miralax, So he 'laxed x 2 and things started moving again today.

I love him so much, I am so proud of him for all that he's going through for me and the kids. He used to tell me he wouldn't be doing any of this if it weren't for me asking him to (I think he was misguided by thinking to die of cancer would be better than the treatment, but thats another story)
..anyway, just this morning he thanked me and said he "couldn't" have made it through this without me....I took that to mean that he always wanted to fight this, he was just scared of the unknown. Hopefully he now knows 100% that we are a team and I will be there every step of the way trying to make this better for him.

And I couldn't do that without the support of my family and friends and many of you here feel like both. Will never feel like I say thank you enough!

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Glad to hear that hubby is doing well. Trying to keep them from over doing is always a problem, but hopefully he will listen to his angel nurse (YOU).

I can relate to his initial reaction to the diagnosis. Some of us do wonder if the fighting is worth what it will cost others in our lives. So very glad he has you to help him see that every day together is a good day.

Glad that "Marie who loves kitties" makes you smile. I originally started signing that way as there were several "Marie"s posting here. Now I kinda like it myself...lol.

Take care...give hubby a hug...hoping for only good reports on him from here on out.

Marie who loves kitties

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I'm so sorry, Craig, about the horrible news. I just wish they could stop the damn cancer from spreading everywhere. I worry about you every day, but i still hold onto hope that one day they will stop it, and wipe it out completely. You're an amazing person, and we all need you here to cheer us on, and to prove to us this disease, no matter how seemingly out of control it is, can be beat. Here's another crazy remedy for you to try; food grade hydrogen peroxide in your water, everyday. I've been doing it, and my oxygen saturation has gone up to 99%. It's never been that high before. Cancer hates an oxygenated environment, so this may help. Have you thought about taking a medical leave of absence from your job? You need 100 percent of your time to concentrate on YOU. Try every crazy cancer remedy you can find (juicing is known to be curative), and stick with whatever it is you choose for at least three months to see if it's working.

Hang in there, tiger. We're all batting for you!

Priscilla, you're so strong! I can't begin to imagine how difficult this is for you. David may be cursed with this heinous disease, but he's equally blessed to have you by his side. Take comfort in that.

okthen, i'm glad your hubby is doing better with the miralax. That stuff was a nightmare for me. In fact, nothing helped my bowel issues except probiotics. I hope it continues to work for him.

Many hugs to all of you!

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