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Post-surgical incisional hernia

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I'd like to hear some opinions. I apparently have a hernia of my port incision. My surgery was in January. I called my urologist office and left a message to see if he wanted to see me. I got a call back from "a nurse" and was informed to find a general surgeon. Does it seem odd that the surgeon that did my surgery didn't want to see me? I realize he doesn't do hernia repairs but thought he would want to examine me. I'm not sure if the "nurse" actually relayed the message to him or if she came up with that response. If he actually gave that answer I'm considering changing to another urologist. Am I over reacting?


griff 1
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ezra your not over reacting at all, i would feel the same way. anyway when i had my surgery on june 23rd they found a hernia and had to call another surgeon in to do it before my big surgery. so i was very sore to say the least. i would call again and ask for the dr. to call you personnally. griff

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I had a post-surgical incisional hernia. I didn't know what it was. My GP sent me back to the PCa surgeon ... he spent all of 5 seconds examing me ... said it was rare ... we spent more time talking about other things ... then he sent me to a general surgeon. It does sound odd that the urologist doesn't want to examine you.

The general surgeon spent about 2 minutes examining me. He agreed it was an incisional hernia and told me what he would do to fix it (small incision and mesh). Sounded good to me so we went with it.

The hernia repair was outpatient ... quick and not much pain ... short recovery period. Just no lifting for a while.

Hope this helps. Good luck and best wishes.

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I had a partial Nephrectromy in Dec 2009. Since then I have had this bulge on my right side
where the surgery was done. At first I thought it was normal and would eventually go away. But, if anyhting it has got bigger. I saw my Urologist a couple of weeks ago he took one look at it and said it was a Hernia. He said it is rare and mainly happens in older men ( I am 65), it happens because the muscle are soft after surgery and other tissue and protrude through the weaken muscle. He even apologized to me for it happening. He said that right now it is not serious but eventually I will have to have it repaired, but he wants to wait until the surgery heals and the muscles get stronger. He said they would put a piece of wire mesh there for support. However! he said that I should see a surgeon who has experience with this type of surgery, as even though it is a Hernia the procedure is different than a abdomen Hernia repair, and I would be in the Hospital about 2 or 3 days.
I go back to seem him in Dec which is the 1 year anniversery of my Kidney surgery. Meantime 2 things he said I should look out for is, if the bulger gets hard or starts to get black and blue if that happens I should call immediately.

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