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The things that have helped me

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SCC Right tonsil - lymph node involvement. After my treatment I was in the doldrums, totally, on the outside everyone thought I was doing fine, but, on the inside I was churning constantly about thoughts of my existence. As the old saying goes, time heals, it actually does, I got stronger emotinally everyday. The I went on a holiday to Bali, and decided to use this as my turning point, I would come back and be myself again, not Jenny who had cancer, but, myself, I couldn't control what happened (or if I could it was too late, it had happened) and I can't control what is going on inside of me, and I certainly cannot wait around for someone to tell me it has come back. We are in a better position than most people, we will be tested and checked and not everyone has that luxury of knowing early. So this has lead to my positive way of thinking. And idealically brought me back to the land of the living. Okay, I am minus some saliva and sweet flavours, I have tinnitus and slight deafness, but, I just decided to tell myself that it has always been this way, and I don't know any different. This has helped cope and move on. You are all an inspiration to me and I am so glad (sadly) that you are out there. Thank you for your kindness Cheers Jen xxxx

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Jen, it is amazing how much ones attitude and general outlook playes a role in this. I am convined that the best treatment offered, the best Docs and being able to financially deal with this can be harmed just by having a negative outlook. Sounds loke you are farther along than me. I am 3 weeks post surgery and start Chemo and Rads Sept. 8th. My positive outlook allowed for me to come home without drains, without a trach, without a feeding tube. I do not know if the same will hold true for Chemo and Rads, but right now my team does not forsee the need for me to have a PEG as I work hard physically and mentally to excersise, eat when I do not want to eat and always go for one extra glass of water no matter how much it hurts. I am a firm beliver that a person can literally think their way into and out of negative and positve situations. I also have learned to compartmentalize things that I either have no control over or to "worry about work stuff at work and worry about personal stuff after work."

All the best to you and think your way back into the positive nature you will need to heal.


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Positive thinking is a great healer

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Positive Mental Attitude! a must have to win the war

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I like this comment:
"Not Jenny who had cancer, but, myself.

I have adopted a quote that my wife read somewhere...it goes something like this:

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain"

My Best to ALL here, let's have a great week!

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I like Chuck's comment on his adopted quote. We all need a literal boost from a positive saying sometimes. I think I memorized this poem early in life just so I'd remember it when the dreaded big C hit me and my family.
"The moving finger writes and having writ moves on,
Nor all your piety nor wit shall have it back to cancel half a live,
nor all your tears wash away a word of it.: Omar Kayam (about 1,000 years ago I think.)

Good thoughts to all, we'll all get back to being "ourselves" in time. It just takes patience sometimes.
All the best,.


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"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain"
awesome quote.

day by day, moment by moment we shall overcome....

Thinking healing thoughts and pain free days and nights for all. ''

~ Eileen Cibil

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