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My Husband Pat

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In Loving Memory of my wonderful husband, my best friend Patrick Kapper who passed away May 23,2010 after battling colon cancer for two years.

Dear Pat -
I has been a little over three months since you had to leave. No words can describe the pain I feel since you have been gone. I think about you and I miss you every single second of every single day. You were my everything and life will never be the same without you here. I miss our long daily talks on the front porch, I miss playing games with you and watching movies together. I miss your smile and your big loud laugh. I miss all your funny ways. I miss your face, I miss the feel of your arms around me. There is nothing that I don't miss.

Thank you for always being there for me - you were my rock. Thank you for all the great times we had together, we did and saw so much together. Thank you for being the best father to our girls and thank you for being the best husband anyone could ask for. You were more than I ever dreamed of.

I love you Pat with all my heart and more. Always and Forever & Ever.

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I can relate to how you feel. I lost my husband on March 25 of this year. It's hard to accept when one day you have everything & the next day it all ends. My husband was my soulmate. We knew each other since 1st grade. We were married 46 years so I feel like I lost half of myself. We did everything together & he was a great husband, father & grandfather. He started having a back ache last August. It was still bothering him in December, so he went to the doctor. He had an MRI and they saw 2 fractures in his spine. Told him to get a back brace & gave him some pain meds. He had to go back in January & had another MRI and it had changed alot, so the doctor said he thought there was a tumor someplace in his body. Well it turned out he had lung cancer, Stage 4. He also had lesions in his brain. Had 10 radiation treatments to his spine & brain and the lesions were reduced. Then started chemo. He had one treatment of Alimta, Carboplatin & Avastin. Before the next treatment he started coughing up blood which was from the Avastin and was a rare complication. Well anyhow on Mar. 25th he hemorraged to death. I miss him so much and can't forget how he died.
I am seeing a counselor which helps, so maybe you should try that.
We have to remember the happy times & get support from Family & friends.

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my husband fought colon cancer and he lost the battle april 16 2009 i miss him every single minute of the day it has been 17 months since he has passed we were also married 35 yrs. I am truely sorry for your loss and all of ours too. May they rest in peace.


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I remember both you and Pat from the Colorectal Board. I am sorry for you loss. I remember Pat being so hopeful at beating this disease and also being so sick and tired of being sick and tired and treatments and such.

May your memories of Pat and your girls carry you through the coming months of grief and will your grief be eased one day at a time. You were a teriffic caregiver. I would also read your caring bridge site and often wondered how does this woman do it, care for Pat and all the medical involved and also tend to day to day activities of the family. You are an inspiration and I only hope I can be half the caregiver you were if it should come to that with George.

If you get a minute, come back to the Colorectal Board and let everyone know how you and the family are doing.

Take care - Tina

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