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How fast does it spread?

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So, when my mom was initially diagnosed, it was good news as it was a cancer that spread "very slowly". Does anyone have any idea as to what that means??
As I'd mentioned in another post, we learned that it had already spread to lymph nodes and the liver. The odd thing is that she had a pet scan last Jan as she complained of tummy aches and her liver was flagged as clear. Does anyone have any idea as to how long it takes for it to advance?? I am more curious I guess than anything.
Thank you for your help.

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I don't have the answer to this question and I'm not sure who does. I will tell you this, I truly believe that some peoples' cancer spreads faster than others. I don't know if there are more aggressive forms of the same strain of HPV or whether it's due to individual immune systems or overall health of a person. I believe that my cancer had been with me for quite some time before I was diagnosed, based on some of the symptoms I was having. By some time, I mean a few years. However, I was a stage I/II (on the fence between the two stages). I don't know if this makes any sense or not.

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The only reference I have is how the tumor was dx. Was it well, moderately, or poorly differentiated. That describes how much of the tumor was regular cells compared to cancer cells. The well would be the best scenario as there are good cells along with cancer cells, and the cells are clearly defined. I have also read where if the cancer is to spread, it will usually have done so within the 1st 2 years. I like Martha think the cancer was brewing for quite some time, I hadn't felt very good for years. After the dx and tx, I have felt better than I had for a very long time. Lori

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I tend to agree with you all. It probably spreads differently in everyone. I was not feeling well for over a year and a half and had a colonoscopy only a year before that which was okay. My cancer had spread quite high up towards my rectal area before they found it. So, I'm thinking it had been growing in there at minimum 2 years or longer. Shame they did not do yearly anal paps as well...could have been caught in the really early stages.

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for the info. I keep trying to research and research, in hopes of discovering something.. Not sure what but I feel that doing nothing would make me complacent.. if that makes sense.. I don't know how differentiated her cancer is and wouldn't have know to ask her doc till you mentioned it so thank you.

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