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anyone have any natural remedies for neuropathy?

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i had my last chemo last november, 9 months ago, and still have some tingling in the tips of my fingers and toes. i'm taking l glutamine, and am wondering if any of you have found something that helps with this.
thanx and

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Alpha-lipoic acid, acetyl-L-carnitine, benfotiamine, methylcobalamin, and topical capsaicin are among the most well-researched alternative options for the treatment. Other potential nutrient or botanical therapies include vitamin E, glutathione, folate, pyridoxine, biotin, myo-inositol, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, L-arginine, L-glutamine, taurine, N-acetylcysteine, zinc, magnesium, chromium, and St. John's wort. In the realm of physical medicine, acupuncture, magnetic therapy, and yoga have been found to provide benefit. New cutting-edge conventional therapies, including dual-action peptides, may also hold promise.


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Maggie....I finished chemo in Dec. 2008 and still have neuropathy in my feet but much better than it was. My fingers cleared up fairly soon. I started taking Alpha Lipoic Acid 600 mg/day about 6 months after I finished chemo based on a consult with a nutritionist. I took it for about 6 months and I was certainly improved but couldn't see any further improvement...so I stopped it and it did not get any worse. My gyn onc. told me that after a year, it was doubtful that I would get any better. I am DEFINITELY better than I was in June of 2008 and I attribute that to the Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Apparently this supplement is widely used in Europe (of course!) and many diabetics with neuropathy in their feet take it.

Worth a try I would say!!


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I found the same info as Bea. My onc nutritionist recently recommended 600-1200mgs of Alpha Lipoic Acid post-chemo. FYI to those in treatment, she told me not to take it during chemo.

This was what I found:

Alpha Lipoic Acid & PN

Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation (TENS) & PN

Biofeedback, Acupuncture, Relaxation Techniques

Vitamin B6 & PN [inconclusive…B6 may cause PN]

Old CSN thread on PN

I've also heard that yoga is healing for the peripheral nervous system.

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i'm going to get some alpha lipoic acid tomorrow and give it a try. thanx so much for all the info.

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