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Topotecan Info

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I hope no one feels as if I am intruding here, I am trying to obtain info on Topotecan. My 81 year old mother had Stage iv uterine cancer 6 years ago, but now her cancer has returned to her liver. I am wondering if anyone has taken Topotecan & how were your results, side effects, etc.

Her oncologist told us that it won't go into remission & she did the regular chemo (I can't remember the drugs) starting in Jan 2010, but the side effects were debilitating for her so he did not do the last session. Her CT Scan showed her one tumor did not grow at all during the chemo & some nodules in the abdominal area shrunk. Her oncologist offered this type of chemo, stating the side effects are usually not as severe as the other drugs & it works 50% of the time. She said we need to weigh quality of live vs. side effects & then said we'd talk again in 6 wks. My mom still hasn't fully recovered from the chemo earlier in the year (she has great difficulty walking now due to the muscle weakness)

Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated - I was reading the posts here & you are all amazing, beautiful women (and the men who support us!!)

Take care, I look forward to anything anyone can tell me


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I am sorry to hear about your Mother. I do not know anything about Topotecan but I know that if any of the women on this board know about it, you will hear from them. These Sisters are so willing to share information.

It does take a lot of time for our bodies to recover from the assault of treatment. Whatever you can do to encourage your Mom to increase her activity would be most helpful. Just walking a little further each day is a good place to start!

Please let us know how we can be of further support! We are here for YOU and your Mom!

Wishing you the best...Karen

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I haven't heard from the women in the Uterine cancer board, but I learned some from the lung cancer board... But this website is very inspiring to listen to women discussing their diagnosis, treatments & ability to concentrate on living & enjoying life. Because in the overall scheme of things, no one knows what tomorrow holds.

Take care & thanks for responding!

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