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Hysterectomy & Question About When Does My Doctor Get Back to Me About Stage & Grade?

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Well, Ladies, I had a very rough hysterectomy last Friday, but I am home and I'm here and other than the searing pain still have my bladder and bowel function intact and my appetite is very slowly returning.

What happened is they tried to do the Di Vinci hysterectomy except my uterus contained too many large fibroids to remove that way, so they had to make an extra larger incision around my belly button to get the uterus out. I was in surgery for four hours and went home on Sunday morning after having the surgery on Friday afternoon. They were wonderful to me in the hospital and I couldn't have asked for more. My doctor said that everything looked normal that that there were no obvious signs of cancer. I ended up in the ER on Monday night with high fever and they diagnosed a urinary tract infection and the possible beginings of pnemonia (it really hurts to breathe), but I'm on antibiotics for that and it's getting better.

The reasons I am in pain right now are:

-doing too much too soon (I'm such a strong person that I have muscle to support a lot of activity.)
-I ran out of the pain pills and my husband is bringing them home in a few minutes.

Anyhow, this has involved so much more pain that I thought. Several of you said that the hysterectomy was really no big deal, but unfortunately, this has not been the case with me and I wish I could step back to my simple life of a few short months ago.

My doctor has still not gotten back to me about the stage of my cancer yet and I'm panicking. I always think that if things are simple and early stage that a pathology report would be forthcoming in a few days (the lab obviously doesn't work over the weekend.) When I had my prior abdominal surgery (it was major surgery and much less painful than this!), they got back to me in just a few days to let me know it was non-cancerous. How long did it take for you guys? Any thoughts?

Thank you so much.

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Hi Kathi,

So sorry this has been rough for you. I understand wanting to do more too soon.

I called my surgeon one week after surgery because I didn't hear anything. My suggestion is to give a call and ask. Tell them you want to know before this weekend. IMO, you should not have to wait. Pathology usually has this stuff done within a week. If not, you should be apprised of the status.

Keep us posted. And take slow care of yourself. :)

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Double Whammy
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It took exactly one week for me to get my path results, and it was "good" news, Stage 1a, Grade I.

I would call tomorrow, tho. I think sometimes a delay in hearing anything is due to the physician's busy schedule, not that the results aren't available. You should not have to go through the weekend not knowing. Give a call if you don't hear today.

So sorry about the failed daVinci. When all goes well, it is really wonderful - at least it was for me.


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It does get better with time. We all tend to feel the intense pain, and that's where the pain pills come into play. They became my friend for a few weeks, then switched to I think Tylenol.

It took my doc almost 1-1/2 weeks to get my pathology to me and explain. Should have been sooner, except admin set my results on wrong doc desk.

My total hysterectomy was 1-1/2 hours --- as my doc tells me, "book perfect".

Best of luck and know the pain will get better,

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Your path report is typically done in 24-48 hours....so you can go the Medical records department of the hospital where you had the procedure and ask for your path report. Anymore, most reports are sent the physician via the Internet/email in a timely manner. The office is SLOW to get back to you!

I suggest you call your Dr...and if they are not timely, go to the hospital and get the report yourself. I think the waiting is just unnecessary. I wish Dr.'s understood the anxiety we experience about the diagnosis...and the anxiety it is understandable!

Best wishes to you!


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What do you expect? You are answering your own question. You just had a major operation and you are claiming that you are doing too much too soon, haven't you learned that all the things you are doing is not important? Your health is of paramount importance. Please don't think I am being too harsh, but we wives think that we have to do everything. I was the same way, "iron woman" shopped groceries, unpacked, cooked, worked and paid the bills. Guess what? when I was in the hospital and thought I was going to die life continued, groceries were bought, bills were paid and everyone ate whilst I was hospitalized. No wonder you are in so much pain, you still want to be "iron woman" my friend we have to stop and think and learn how to stop!!!!
Anyway, Just give yourself more time and you will heal. Remember, even though it is really common, your surgery was MAJOR. Call your Doc and they will tell you when to come in for your results. Two weeks the most. Please let us know how you are doing and what the stage is. Please take care of yourself and don't do too much. Do you have children? Anyway, my love don't be mad at me but you remind me of me. I am waiting to hear from you and send you lots of love and comfort. Your friend June.

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Hi Kathi,
It took a solid week for the pathology lab to complete the grade and staging. I would suggest you call your surgeon after a week's time for the result. I saw him 2 weeks post surgery and found out then, but he had the results a week sooner
Also give yourself a chance to heal. Let those around you get the chance to pamper you a bit. I know myself I had no patience to rest. I wanted to get up and go and even return to work sooner then the surgeon wanted me to. But in the end I relaxed and rested and that ended up with an uncomplicatd recovery. I wish the same for you. Just take frequent little walks to keep your lungs strong and your bowels moving! Stay strong!

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The Hysterectomy IS A BIG DEAL...regardless if you have the DaVinci or the traditional methods. All of us I am sure experience it differently...and face difficulties in the different stages of the diagnosis, surgical, recovery and treatment process.

DO NOT FOR A MOMENT...think because you were so strong before all of this that you are somewhat weak now! You are supposed to be weak now.....LOL

You had a big surgery and need to recover and whatever that means to YOU...it is just that!

Take the pain pills BUT also make sure it does not wreak havoc with the bowels....Make sure you keep drinking the water....

Sending thoughts, prayers and a healing hug...we are all here for you!!!


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I also had a failed DaVinci and have a 6 and 1/2 pelvic incision. I was told someone would call me a Tuesday with the path results. No one called. I old I took a week which fell on Monday, which was Labor Day so it would be Tuesday. I called yesterday and left a message.  They said it would be 24 hours before they returned my call.  Also they said they were in Clinic Tues and Thurs, so it sounded that hey don’t return calls on those days. I’m not happy with then AT all am thinking about going elsewhere

I’m going to try to get the records from the hospital today, Great idea. 

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I hope that you were able to get a copy of your pathology report today. But you definitely need to feel that you have a responsive team on your side. While I happy with my cancer team, treatment plan and care, I know that other women on this board have had to seek second opinions and treatment with other professionals beyond their initial doctors to get the care that best suited them. As many of those ladies have said, we each need to be our own advocate.

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Maybe I’m in the minority, but the docs here never call with results because they like to see you in person. It was two weeks after my d and c for those initial results and the same after my hysterectomy and that was a push, usually it’s 4 weeks. I should note I live in a mid size city with only 2 gynechological oncologists.

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