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today:Worst pain l ever had!

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And is nothing else than ROIDS! . Jesus!! , l never suffered of roids but suddenly they have turned up after my first round of folfiri! , l don't know whether is normal or not but Wow!
Sorry for my strange sense of humor,Hahaha!
Have fun (l will try too).

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Hope the pain goes away soon + you feel better!

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Joined: Aug 2010

Is nothing important but l want to get in good sense of humor these days!
Sorry for such insignificant post!
Take Care!

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Nana b
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We don't know what is normal anymore! Keep your stools soft...

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isn't an advantage ? l don't get in panic in most situations that otherwise l would!

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after chemo! Chemorrhoids is what I called them because I usually never got them except after chemo.

I used to soak in a tub of HOT water to help relieve. My husband was so good to me that he went to the grocery store and got a tube of medication to help it. Time seemed to be my biggest healer!

I really hope that the pain goes away soon!

Love and Hugs,


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for your solidarity ladys!
have fun!

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They can be a real pain in the A$$! Sorry Pepe, I just had to say it!

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LOL !!!

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Just a comment to take care of yourself; keep yourself very clean, well hydrated, and use ointment to protect. I ended up with a fissure from chemo, which takes that horrendous pain of 'roids and doesn't let up for several hours after doing anything. I would come out of the bathroom, curl up on my bed in tears, and the pain only subsided (never went away) in time for my next bathroom run. It was one of the reasons I stopped chemo, because I was told it wouldn't heal until after chemo (and it healed, about 2 months later...)

I KNOW your pain; do everything in your power to heal and protect. I cringe just thinking of it.


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Make sure to use the internal suppositories that you pop up inside, in addition to the prep H cream (I like the kind with aloe better than the regular, plus it doesn't have that gross smell to it like the regular Preparation H ointment).
Use both of these several times a day and you will hopefully have relief soon. It's definitely no fun.


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uncommon problem, l m using a corticoid cream suggested by my pharmacy (hydrocortisone ), l hope it works, it started like a joke to me but as per your testimony l see it can become a major problem!. It's fun but l was scared about vomits, ,diharrea ,gastrical pain or so, but what makes me feel uncomfortable are roids and some acne on my face!
What unfair effects!

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I'm so sorry. Hope it gets better very soon!


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Hope your pain gets better, if it doesn't contact your oncologist maybe it could be a reaction to the chemo you are getting. You shouldn't have to be in that much pain. Hope you feel better soon.


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